A Liberian Ebola Survivor Shares His Debilitating Experiences With The Disease

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa isn’t over. While many people have already forgotten that thousands of people in Liberia, Sierra Leonne, and Guinea are still suffering from the disease, dozens of medical workers — foreign and local –remain vigilant in their efforts to contain the condition in the afflicted regions, all the while receiving minimal support from people outside the diseased territories.

Thankfully, because of organizations like Doctors Without Borders, hundreds of Ebola-stricken patients survive the ordeal. A 14-year-old survivor of the disease graced Reddit’s iAMA yesterday using the handle reese015 (the Reddit handle of Save The Children organization, which has made similar AMAs in the past), to share his experiences with going through the deadly virus. Here are some of the most interesting questions asked.


Redditor tmntnut asked, “What was the first thing you did after being told you were Ebola free?”

Reese015 answered, “I called my family to tell them I was discharged from the hospital.”

Redditor Mobstaar asked, “How did you get Ebola?”

Reese015 replied, “My elder sister got sick in Monrovia. When my sister passed away my grandmother also got sick because she was taking care for her. My father went to bring her his mother to Bong where I live as he wanted to take care of her. During that time we ate together and that is how I got infected.”

Redditor Tomas_Gudm asked, “How did it feel to be quarantined?”

Reese015 answered, “I felt bad about myself. Because I needed help but I could not get help from my family or others that were close to me. I only got helped by strangers.”

Guitarsarecool asked, “How bad did you feel during the course of the illness? Was it the worst pain you’ve ever experienced?”

The 14-year-old survivor answered, “It was my first time experiencing this type of sickness. It was very bad because I experienced all the symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, headache, weakness, no sleeping. I had never experienced all of these things together and it was very painful.”

While this child is lucky enough to have survived the disease, his experiences reflect many of those who continue to be afflicted in Liberia. The workers who helped the Liberian survivor with his AMA urge people to support various organizations who continually help with the situation in West Africa.

Read the rest of the AMA here.

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