This Is Definitely The Smoothest Cover Of Whitney Houston’s ‘The Greatest Love Of All’

Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love Of All is already a classic in itself, but these guys from the YouTube channel ScottBradleyLoves made it so much smoother in a vintage 1940s cover that celebrates the legendary singer’s Lifetime biopic.

Here is Whitney’s original version:

Whitney Houston’s Lifetime biopic, which was aired a few days ago, received mixed reactions from both fans and critics of the singer. Even Houston’s own daughter, Bobbi Kristina, expressed her dismay that she was not cast to play her own mother on the show.

She was more disappointed by the fact that director Angela Basset decided to cast America’s Next Top Model runner up Yaya DaCosta instead of her.

In fairness to Yaya, she seems like she worked really hard to get the part. In an interview with People, Yaya revealed how she busted her butt off to portray the singer in front of the cameras.

“I initially wanted to become her exactly. I was just set to do everything in my power to make the audience almost forget that they weren’t really watching Whitney. But then I realized that I only had a few days to prepare. It was more important to try and capture her essence than to go crazy because that could have come across as a mockery.”

It wasn’t just Bobbi who expressed her disappointment over the movie. Practically all of Whitney Houston’s family members did not want the show to air at all. Another issue that was also raised was the singing voice used in the biopic. Yaya only lip-synced the singing parts of her role, although she claims she still had a voice coach to help her capture the essence of Houston’s singing style. Houston’s actual recordings were not used in the biopic, with singer Deborah Cox singing all of DaCosta’s performances in the show.

Nevertheless, many of Houston’s fans have expressed their excitement over the biopic, with some, like Scott Bradlee, producing cover versions of Whitney’s hits to celebrate the life and legacy of the late performer.

Mykal Kilgore sang the smooth rendition of the song above, with Scott Bradlee on the piano, Ben Golder-Novick on sax, Dylan Shamat on bass, and Allan Mednard on drums.

[Image from YouTube]