Teresa Giudice Apparently Needs A Serious Attitude Check If She Is To Survive In Prison

For Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, life on the inside definitely isn’t a bed of roses, and is certainly a far cry from the luxury mansion in New Jersey that Teresa is used to.

That being said, according to some reports, Giudice has already made some friends to support her while incarcerated. Teresa was sentenced to a 15-month term at a facility in Danbury, Connecticut after having been found guilty along with husband Joe Giudice of bankruptcy fraud.

But the latest report from Radar Online suggests that Teresa needs to keep as low a profile as possible while at Danbury if she wants any chance of making it through the sentence.

According to Beatrice Codianni, a former inmate who spent 14 years as a prisoner at Danbury, Giudice could be picked on simply because of her celebrity status.

“My advice to Teresa is to maintain as low a profile as possible. If the other inmates are picking on Teresa, which they might do because of her celebrity status, do not do anything that will get you more time in there. I just hope she just keeps her focus and doesn’t let anyone say or do anything to her that will get her upset and set her off because the first thing they will take away from her are her visitation rights.”

For the Giudice family, visitation rights are all-important as husband Joe has already been to the facility with the Giudice daughters to visit mom and check that she’s okay.

Codianni, who is now the Managing Editor for Reentry Central, a leading national website for information related to re-entry into society after prison, advises Teresa Giudice to always be positive when she is visited by family and friends.

“When her Joe and the girls come to visit, Teresa needs to make sure to tell her kids something positive about her stay. She needs to let them know she is okay by saying that she has made friends, or saw a beautiful sunset. She needs to comfort the girls so they are not more traumatized than they already are by all of this.”

While that advice is sound, Codianni also said that, to her mind, the best thing Teresa can do while inside is to keep her head down and focus on getting through her sentence.

Teresa Giudice has a date and she has an out. A lot of women in there do not have that. She needs to just do whatever they tell her to do so she can get the h*** out of there.”