Crying Packers Fan: 6-Year-Old Bawls After Packers Loss, Scores New Bike After Video Goes Viral

Morry GashAP Images

A crying Packers fan expressed emotions that so many people went through last weekend. At just 6-years-old, Xavier Yarbrough was distraught when his favorite football team lost to the Seahawks on Sunday, and he didn’t hold his feelings back. According to TMZ, his meltdown was filmed by his mom, Kierra, and the video went viral, bringing Xavier a bit of internet fame — and something super special.

You see, Xavier really wanted a bike apparently… and when he saw one of the Seahawks riding a bicycle during the post-game celebration, he really got upset. His mom couldn’t help but laugh, but Xavier just cried and cried.

The crying Packers fan ended up with a happy ending, even if his team isn’t going to the Super Bowl. According to the Seattle Times, the owner of a local coffee shop saw the video… and bought a brand new bicycle for Xavier.

“Once I saw it I was like ‘I gotta do something for that kid,'” said Michael Uetz, co-owner of Voxx Coffee in Seattle. “It’s exciting to do something like that for someone.”

Another viral football video involved Rob Gronkowski twerking at Gillette Stadium after the Patriots crushed the Colts on Sunday. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the videos were made into Vines and watched millions of times.