Katie Cassidy And Chrissy Tiegen Act Catty Towards Each Other, Silly Things Get Tweeted

The match between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers last Sunday caused a massive Twitter catfight between actress Katie Cassidy and supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

After noticing how Seahawk’s Richard Sherman played lame during the second half of the game, Stephen Amell sent out a tweet addressing his concern over Erin Andrews’ interview with Sherman.

“.@ErinAndrews should ask Richard Sherman why he stayed on the field while he’s a physical liability,” the Arrow star tweeted.

Amell’s Arrow co-star, Katie Cassidy, replied back to his tweet, saying: “Seriously why isn’t she doing her job?”

This is where the fun begins. Teigen, who frequently hangs out with Andrews, as evidenced by the posts in her social media accounts, entered the conversation by sending Cassidy her own definition of the word “job.”

Teigen tweeted:

“JOB [noun] : the work a person does regularly to make money. alt: what @ErinAndrews has. 2nd alt: What you don’t have. Bye!” Although the tweet was deleted, it began a heated exchange between Teigen and Cassidy.

The Gossip Girl alum fought back by tweeting the Sports Illustrated model:

After that sick burn, Cassidy kept it cool with her replies, opting to send out a “God bless” for a reply, but Mrs. John Legend kept bringing the shade, tweeting, “didn’t sneeze but thank you.” Katie Cassidy suggested that Teigen’s reporter pal should be blessed by God, causing her to reply: “oh so now we’re being holy.”

The supermodel responded “I’ll take you seriously when you don’t simultaneously talk s— and preach the gospel,” to which Cassidy replied: “I’m sorry u have negativity inside u.”

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As the Twitter war raged on, FOX sports correspondent Erin Andrews remained silent. Reports are suggesting that the rift may have been caused by a deeper issue. Andrews is currently dating Los Angeles Kings hockey player Jarret Stoll, who previously dated Cassidy back in 2010. There’s no overlap as Andrews and Stoll started dating in 2012, but some wounds just never heal.

While Teigen thinks that Cassidy is unemployed, the actress remains alive in the hit CW show Arrow where she plays Laurel Lance, a DC superhero known to fan boys as the Black Canary. Cassidy is currently dating Dana Brunetti, the producer of the award-winning Netflix show House of Cards.

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