Man Stabbed In The Head With Scissors Survives, Then Calmly Asks For Help At Hospital

A man in Mexico calmly walked into a hospital after being stabbed in the head with scissors and asked for help — very politely.

The incredible injury took place after 32-year-old Jonas Acevedo Monroy was attacked at a bar in Chihuahua, Mexico, while he was enjoying a night out with friends, according to a report in the New York Post. Nandor Altamirano Carvajal — a friend of the victim — said, “He came over and started trying to wind Jonas up, but when that didn’t work, he started getting abusive and aggressive.”

When Monroy — who was described by his friend as “charming” and “full of high spirits” — tried to calm his attacker by buying him a drink, he only became more agitated, Carvajal said. At that moment, he opened his jacket to reveal a pair of scissors.

Then, without warning, he stabbed the man in the face, piercing his brain. Panicking, the attacker fled the scene while Carvajal came to his friend’s aid. As his friend bled profusely from his injury, he drove him to the hospital to get help with the scissors sticking out of his head.

man asks for help
Image via Elite Daily

When the pair arrived at the hospital, the injured man — instead of demanding immediate attention — calmly asked for help, a hospital staffer said. Despite the fact that the scissors were sticking out of his head, Monroy had enough presence of mind to be polite.

“Staff were very surprised when the two walked in and the man with the scissors in his head shook the receptionist’s hand and said he seemed to have a small problem and would the receptionist mind helping him.”

“He had been stabbed in the upper-left side of his skull and the scissors had penetrated his parietal brain lobe. He is lucky to be alive.”

Since the man stabbed with the scissors was so calm and polite, at first, the reception staff thought they were being pranked. However, possibly due to the loss of blood, Monroy fainted almost right after he arrived to emergency.

He was immediately rushed inside where doctors performed a life-saving operation. It is not known what the stabbing victim’s condition is at this time.

The suspect has been identified as 30-year-old Miguel Angel Rodriguez Armendariz, authorities said. He has been booked and arrested for stabbing the man in the head with the scissors. The motive for the attack is also unknown.

[Image via Elite Daily]