‘Cannibal Cop’ Joins Match.com, Expresses Interest In Cooking And ‘Non-Judgmental Women’

“Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle is causing quite the stir in the online dating world. Valle, who was found guilty of plotting to cook and eat his now-ex-wife but later had the conviction overturned, is hungry for love. The former cop created a Match.com profile that outlined exactly what he is looking for in a woman, and why he really wants the chance to take her to dinner.

According to People, Gilberto Valle, known as the “cannibal cop” in the media, had his 2013 conviction for conspiring to kidnap and eat women overturned last November. Following the overturning of the case, Valle was released for time served. The case sent the media into overdrive when it was established that a New York cop had been sending messages in online fetish groups regarding killing and eating his wife.

Conversations between Valle and other fetish board members included the idea of roasting his wife over an open flame and serving her body on a platter with her decapitated head as a centerpiece. However, Valle didn’t stop there. He then proceeded to describe women he had met or found in police databases who he thinks would be good targets for rape, murder, and consumption. Valle’s wife found the conversations on the computer and swiftly left Valle and turned over the evidence to the police.

Courts originally found Valle guilty of kidnapping conspiracy. However, Valle maintained that his “conversations in online fetish chat rooms were only role-playing fantasies and not about taking concrete steps to kidnap or harm anyone.”

“I just hope they know they were never in danger. I would never do the things I talked about on the Internet — never.”

In November, the judge ruled in his favor and claimed there was “not sufficient” evidence that Valle planned to go through with the plan. The judge felt it was all talk with no plans for action. Regardless of the overturned conviction, many women may find a man who has a deep, dark fantasy of consuming a dead woman a little unappealing.

The Match.com profile was originally reported by New York Post. The 30-year-old former cop went by the handle “AmicableOne14” on the dating site. He noted that his favorite pastime is “cooking,” as well as dining out and wine tasting. Valle hints at a slightly troubled past when he notes he needs a “non-judgmental woman” and informs the prospective date that he is spending his energy to rebound from past errors.

“I am spending my energy rebounding from the errors I made in my past and rebuilding my life. Things are progressing very well on that front, and I am just beginning a new career.”

Apparently, women weren’t fooled and Match.com has since deleted the profile. What do you think? Does the “cannibal cop” deserve love as well? Should he be allowed on the website since his conviction was overturned?