‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ Opens Beta Testing Two Months After Release

That Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched with major issues is no secret. After a successful Halo 5 multiplayer beta, Xbox One owners have frequently been asking themselves why the same wasn’t done for Halo: MCC. They get their wish now. It just comes months after the game’s launch.

343 Industries announced a beta program Wednesday for Halo: The Master Chief Collection via Halo Waypoint. The program is for an update that is currently in development, which can only be described as large based on comments from 343 Industries.

“Given the scale of the update, which includes changes to the matchmaking experience and party system, we are expanding testing to include select members of the Xbox One Preview program to ensure the official release is the best possible experience for all players,” the studio wrote.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)

The beta test will run from this Friday, January 23, through Monday, January 26, for Xbox One Preview Program members. Only, it’s not open to all program members. You (obviously) have to own a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, live in North America, and have a “high level of engagement” to be invited. There’s no word on exactly how many individuals will be allowed in to this beta.

Those selected will be prompted to participate on Friday when they launch Halo: The Master Chief Collection from their Xbox One console. It’s important to note that Halo: MCC players participating in the beta will not be able to play with those outside of the beta. 343 Industries will provide another update to revert players back to the general population of players once the beta has concluded.

Participants in the beta will be expected to use the Feedback app from the Xbox One Preview program to report on bugs or suggestions for improvement.

Update: Xbox LIVE messages are being sent out to individuals asking if they are interested in participating in the Halo: MCC update beta. I just received one despite the fact that I really haven’t picked up the game in approximately a month. Microsoft may be whittling down participants based on engagement after they find out how many Preview program members are interested.

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This isn’t the first time that Microsoft and 343 Industries have allowed Xbox One Preview program members to participate in a game beta. Prior to the official start of the Halo 5 multiplayer beta, Preview program members and select invitees were allowed to try the game out. It’s how we put together this preview.

It appears that the Halo 5, and now Halo: MCC, betas for Xbox One Preview members are just the first steps toward a broader use of the program. Xbox Head Phil Spencer made that clear on Twitter following the conclusion of the Halo 5 beta preview.

What do you think of 343 Industries now offering a beta program to Xbox One users for Halo: The Master Chief Collection? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Halo Waypoint]

[Correction: Accidentally labeled 343 Industries as “Bungie” in one sentence. Old habits die hard.]