Robert Allenby’s Kidnapping Story Is Bogus, Witnesses Say

Pro golfer Robert Allenby was allegedly kidnapped in Honolulu while participating in the Sony Open; however, witnesses say the accounts provided by the star are bogus.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Allenby claims he and some friends were abducted, beaten, robbed, and later on dumped out of a car trunk more than six miles from Amuse Wine Bar Friday night. However, several witnesses have come forward and investigators now say the story has holes.

A badly beaten and bloodied Allenby tearfully told his story to news reporters, saying he was grateful to the woman who had come to his rescue. Allenby, 43, posted photos of himself on Facebook, which show a large gash over his left eye and a similarly large scrape on the bridge of his nose.

The Aussie says that on top of the beating his wallet, money, driver’s license, cell phone, and PGA Tour card were stolen from him. A homeless woman named Charade Keane told several media outlets that she came across a beaten Allenby, sitting on a planter at a street corner near the Amuse Wine Bar — not six miles from the wine bar — and that he was in a confrontation with two homeless men, according to the New York Daily News.

On Wednesday, a new witness came forward in the bizarre case and told Australia Channel 9 that they came across Allenby passed out in a park, contradicting the golfer’s account of his kidnapping. Tao Kaili said he and a friend found the golfer passed out on a sidewalk around 11 p.m. Friday, and that Allenby got into an argument with them when they tried to help him.

“He’s accusing me and my friend, ‘You guys are the ones who stole my wallet and phone. The gig is up. Just hand it over.’ I was like, ‘Oh no. Brother, we’re the ones who woke you up. We’re the ones that was just helping you.’ [sic]”

The homeless man and his friend said they returned to the site where they had met Allenby two hours later and he was still passed out on the sidewalk, but this time he had a bloody face. Kaili said Allenby appeared to have injured himself when he fell and hit his face on a rock.

Before the strange beating, Allenby had missed the cut for the Sony Open in Honolulu and went out for dinner and a few glasses of wine. The Honolulu Police Department has opened an investigation into the circumstances that led to the incident.

“Detectives are reviewing witness statements and gathering security video footage,” the police statement said.

“They are also looking into recent charges made on Mr. Allenby’s credit card. No arrest has been made.”

Do you think there is something fishy about Robert Allenby’s kidnapping story?

[Image via Golf Channel/Twitter]