Jerame Reid Shooting Video: Police Officer Braheme Days Shoots And Kills Reid, Who Was Reportedly Armed [Video]

On January 21, dash cam video footage of Jerame Reid, a man who was shot and killed by police after an alleged traffic violation, was released to much online attention. Videos such as the one titled “Jerame Reid Shooting – Police SHOOT MAN WITH HANDS UP ‘I’m Going to F*cking Shoot You” are getting so many views that YouTube currently has the number of views paused at 301+ views, a number the website uses to verify that the attention being given a video is real.

In the above video, the dash cam video footage shows police tailing a car as it turns left after slightly pausing to a rolling stop at a stop sign, and two members of the Bridgeton Police Department as they command the driver, Leroy Tutt, and his passenger, Jerame Reid – who is incorrectly called “Jerome” – being commanded to not move and raise his hands, as reported by CBS News. According to the publication, Braheme Days is the officer who yells at Jerame Reid to keep his hands where they can be seen, and Days yells to his Bridgetown Police Officer partner that Reid has a gun in the glove compartment and that he was going for the weapon.

According to NBC Philadelphia, a gun was recovered at the scene, and the suspect was armed.

Days was called a “fine young man” known for his “excellent character” back in 2012, when Mayor Albert Kelly welcomed Braheme Days as their newest full-time officer in the Bridgeton Police Department, according to

Meanwhile, incendiary headlines such as “Video Shows Jerame Reid Raising His Hands As He’s Gunned Down By New Jersey Police” from the Huffington Post are getting folks all riled up online over the shooting and killing of Jerame, yet when one watches the actual video, it’s difficult to see the action going on inside the vehicle from the vantage point of the cop’s dash cam. Jerame’s left hand can be seen visible and in the air inside the car at one point, yet the hand drops out of the line of sight at another point, as Days tries to repeatedly open the passenger’s side car door. Viewers can hear Days relay that there is a gun in the glove compartment, and can’t surmise whether Reid opened the car door himself or whether Days finally got it open. Jerame steps out of the car and it appears his hands are raised as he moves toward Days, who immediately fires his gun.

According to the New York Daily News,Jerame Reid had a criminal history – and that Days knew Reid from a previous drug arrest. Jerame also served about 13 years in prison due to shooting at state troopers as a teen. Due to all these factors, the shooting of Reid isn’t expected to cause the same backlash that the death of Michael Brown experienced, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Image via YouTube]