‘American Horror Story’ Season 5 Spoilers: ‘Unusually Large Reinvention’ On The Way

The Season 4 finale of American Horror Story airs Wednesday night, and that has fans already buzzing about Season 5. It is known that AHS will return for a fifth outing, but what else has already been shared about the next season? There are a few American Horror Story spoilers available, but as is typical, fans will have to wait a while to know most of what they’re dying to learn.

TVLine shares a few AHS spoilers. John Landgraf of FX Networks says that American Horror Story Season 5 will be very different from what has been done in previous seasons, but that’s essentially par for the course with this show. He teases that he does know what the theme of the next season is, but that he’s going to have to wait to let Ryan Murphy spill the goods.

Landgraf said that there is going to be an “unusually large reinvention between Book 4 and Book 5 relative to, say, between Book 3 and 4.” It also seems that the next season may be set in the present day, which has also been the case in the first and third outing.

Will Jessica Lange return for AHS Season 5? While she had previously indicated that Freak Show, the season wrapping on Wednesday, would be her last, she later teased that the door may be cracked open depending on the concept Murphy put together. Landgraf wouldn’t confirm anything one way or the other regarding Lange’s presence in this next season, saying that Murphy is very independent in what he does with the show.

Landgraf went on to say that he knows the setting for the next season as well as a bit about the characters, tone, and time period. However, he says that he doesn’t yet know specifics regarding the American Horror Story cast for Season 5. Fans have known for a while now that the show was renewed for a fifth season, and now it seems they will have to wait a while once again for more specifics.

As Entertainment Weekly previously noted, Ryan Murphy has indicated that all of the AHS seasons are connected, though of course they are all quite separate on the surface. Season 4 has started to clue viewers in on those connected mythologies, and it would seem that everyone can expect more in Season 5.

Huffington Post points out that Murphy has previously said that there are clues regarding Season 5 sprinkled in throughout the first few episodes of Freak Show, which has many fans speculating about what lies ahead. He said that the black top hat on the cup handed to Maggie in Episode 4 is definitely a clue, and the top hat has popped up a couple of other times as well.

The speculation is definitely building and fans will be anxious for concrete AHS spoiler tidbits about Season 5 as they bid farewell to Season 4. Where do you think Ryan Murphy and the cast are headed for this next chapter of the FX hit? Will aliens be involved, as some suspect, or is the show headed in an entirely different direction? American Horror Story: Freak Show airs its finale on Wednesday, January 21 and fans can’t wait to see how the stage is set for the next season.

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