16-Year-Old Teen Stabs South Carolina Classmate To Death Over Snapchat Message

In yet another case of a Snapchat related crime, a 16-year-old boy from Charleston, South Carolina, was arrested after he fatally stabbed a 17-year-old fellow student. According to ABC News, the student who has been killed has been identified as Lucas Cavanaugh. He was stabbed by the accused, Matthew Joseph Fischer, after he became upset over a Snapchat message from Lucas that was sent to his girlfriend.

According to police officials, the incident happened in an upscale neighborhood of Charleston on Sunday after the accused visited his girlfriend’s home. There, he chanced upon the girl’s iPod which had a message from Cavanaugh. Police officials have not revealed the content of the message that eventually caused Matthew to lose his temper and eventually kill Lucas. Snapchat, as you might be already aware, is a photo-and-text app that people can send quick messages that remain visible only for a brief amount of time.

According to an affidavit filed after the arrest of Fischer, he confronted Lucas after he read the Snapchat message. He asked Lucas to “come over” and also threatened to kill him. Lucas, who was in no mood to give up, ended up at the girls home within a few minutes. The two had an altercation there which led them outside, on to the streets. At the end of the fight, Matthew took out a knife from his right pants pocket and stabbed Lucas in the torso. By the time emergency services had arrived at the spot, it was too late.

“The defendant took the iPod and contacted the victim. Words were exchanged at which point the defendant told the victim ‘Come over’ and ‘I’ll kill you man.’ During the altercation, the defendant produced a knife from his right pants pocket and proceeded to stab the victim in the torso, resulting in death,” the affidavit said.

According to the Post And Courier, responding police officers confirm that one of their colleagues first found Cavanaugh lying in the middle of the street with a stomach wound. There were two other women attending him when the officer reached the spot. One of the women handed over a knife to the police officer and informed him that this was the weapon used to stab the teenager. She told the officer about Matthew, who had come to her house after the stabbing incident, dropped the knife there, and ran away.

Police officials later found Fischer sitting in his mother’s car a short distance away. He was arrested from there.

Officials have confirmed that Fischer is being tried as an adult and has been charged with murder and possession of a knife during. He was denied bond Monday. Both the teenagers were students of Wando High School.

This latest case of a Snapchat related crime comes a few hours after Inquisitr had reported about another incident that had a Snapchat connection. Earlier this week too, we had reported about another Snapchat related crime where another 17-year-old teen was murdered by an 18-year-old.

[Image via the Post And Courier]