Raghad Hussein: Saddam Hussein’s Daughter Selling Jewelry Inspired By Father

Saddam Hussein’s daughter, Raghad Saddam Hussein, is now designing and selling jewelry in Jordan that is inspired by her father.

However, her inspiration doesn’t stop there, because the Daily Mail has reported that she also pays homage to her deceased husband with her pieces, too. The peculiar thing about this is though, Saddam Hussein actually had Hussein Jaml al-Majid killed.

A collection of jewelry designed by Raghad Hussein, who has previously declared her support for ISIS, has now started to appear in one of Jordan’s most popular and highly regarded stores. This includes necklaces, bracelets, and rings, while there is also a $1,500 pendent shaped like Iraq.

The 46-year-old, who has previously been referred to as Little Saddam because of the numerous similarities to her father, has even given an in-depth interview to a sale brochure about what inspired her work.

She revealed that a $2,000 bracelet she has created was designed to replicate a gift that had previously been given to her by her father.

“My dad Saddam Hussein gave me this turquoise many years ago and I kept it safe until three years ago. I chose to place it in this bracelet and create a similar design for those who like this design and want to keep it.”

Another of Raghad’s pieces is a pendant that is shaped exactly like the country of Iraq. When asked why she made the pendent in this way, Raghad explained, “Baghdad is the heart of Iraq. I chose to place a diamond in its place.”

Raghad also sculptured a pair of earrings from a ring that her husband, Hussein Kamel al-Majid, had previously given her as a gift. These were originally meant for her daughters.

Saddam Hussein had al-Majid killed back in 1996, just a few days after Raghad had divorced him. He was murdered because he had defected to Jordan in 1995. Saddam lured Hussein back into the country after he insisted that he would forgive him for his defection.

Discussing the piece, Raghad explained, “I designed this earring for one of my daughters, and it was taken from a ring that my late husband Hussein gave me a long time ago. I decided to change from a ring to an earring and then I created this design for those who like its shape.”

The ten piece collection is available in a jewellers in Amman, Jordan. This is where Raghad, who was Saddam’s oldest daughter, has called home since the end of the Iraq war.

[Image via Daily Mail]