Female Face Shaving: Women In Japan Will Do Anything For Perfectly Smooth Skin

Japanese women have a little-known beauty secret — female face shaving.

In fact, according to a report on the Refinery29 blog, it is a common sight to see Japanese women in a beauty salon with a full face of white fluffy shaving foam, being shaved to ensure perfect skin.

Shaving, for women of course, not men, supposedly creates a silky smooth, porcelain texture, which is highly desirable among the Japanese.

For some women, face shaving is a once a season event, while for others it’s a once a month luxury, while some even shave daily at home, just like their husbands.

According to the pioneers of female face shaving in Japan, the reason why men age slower than women is because they shave all the time. The shaving cream apparently moisturizes the face in all the right places, while the shave itself acts as a massage, slowing down the aging process.

Also, due to the fact that women have much softer facial hair than men, the grow-back is not such an issue. Salon owner Mamika Ozaki told reporters as follows.

“We tell all our clients that it is the best-kept secret of Hollywood leading ladies for years. Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor were regular shavers. And you don’t get any more stubble at the end of it than you would if you were shaving a peach.”

Even in America some women shave, and cosmetic expert Mary Schook agreed that a shave once every couple of weeks makes perfect sense.

“Men age quite significantly slower than women. This is mainly to do with the fact that they shave every day, which helps a kind of stretching reflex, keeping the skin young-looking.”

A writer for Refinery29, Cynthia Popper, who had her face shaved for the first time at a salon called Beauty Face in Japan, wrote the following.

“Having a straight razor taken to your face is freaky, but after feeling her (the beautician’s) expertise and precision, I was able to relax. The razor passed over my face in short, sweeping motions, and it was essentially painless.”

It remains to be seen whether or not female face shaving will take off in America, but as far as the Japanese are concerned, it’s the secret to soft and perfectly smooth skin.