‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Gets The ‘Honest Trailers’ Treatment [Video]

Pirates of the Caribbean has received the infamous “Honest Trailers” treatment from YouTube’s Screen Junkies. Every movie has its flaws, and this particular video series is always there to point them out in a way that makes you laugh, even if you like the movie.

PotC wasn’t the first pirate movie ever made, but thanks to Disney and a rather enchanting performance by Johnny Depp, it ended up being the bestselling franchise based on them. As Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is currently seeing the green light for production, Screen Junkies‘ deep-voiced announcer has taken viewer suggestions and gone back to poke fun at all of them.

The video begins by telling us how Johnny Depp was once one of the most versatile actors in cinema, but eventually started taking on bad roles, such as those in Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Dark Shadows. The PotC franchise is Disney’s take on pirates which turns some of the most despicable criminals in history into drunken sailors who curse in PG-13 standards.

The announcer tells us that the series turned murder physically impossible as we see several scenes of men being run through with swords and shot in the chest, and then barely batting an eye.

The video then runs through the series, telling us how Curse of the Black Pearl was a movie that everyone loved. Dead Man’s Chest was still acceptable, as a group of men betray each other over a squid monster’s heart. At World’s End pushed everything into the point of being ludicrous, with the squid monster teaming up with a British trading company. On Stranger Tides reminds the announcer that the whole franchise was based on a theme park ride and he wonders how far they can milk it.

Check out the rest of the Pirates of the Caribbean “Honest Trailers” treatment and get ready to laugh.

[Image via YouTube]