Sex Theme Park To Open In Taiwan

The Taiwanese tourist department has come up with an ingenious way to entice more visitors to their country; they’re going to create a sex-theme park.

This proposed construction will actually be called “Romantic Boulevard,” and it will be built on a 37-mile stretch of land. But what will this sex-themed attraction actually consist of? Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, it will possess heart-shaped arches as well as a glass church. But it will then look to truly embrace its reputation as a sex-theme park by also including an outdoor sculpture garden that is filled with erotic figures of both animals and people that are in “various lovemaking positions.”

Shih Chao-hui, who is the deputy director of Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office, explained to the Wall Street Journal why the park is being made.

“We want people to fall in love with Taiwan as well as fall in love while in Taiwan.”

In fact, Shih admitted that the park has already started to garner plenty of public interest. He revealed to China Real Time, via Fox News, that he has received multiple emails asking when the park will be opened. Shih insisted that 220,000 people have visited the proposed site, which is currently home to a “scenic area” where couples take wedding photos, earlier in January.

He still acknowledged that it might be a tad controversial though, before declaring that he is only concerned with the business it will generate.

“Look, we are in the business of tourism, not education or religion, so the question should be, will the park generate business opportunities and we believe the answer is yes.”

As you can imagine locals aren’t pleased with the revelation that a sex-theme park will soon be open in their vicinity. Meanwhile there have also been reports that officials are concerned that such a park will only hurt Taiwan‘s reputation abroad.

The central government’s tourism bureau’s only response to the park suggested that they would endorse it if construction actually went ahead though.

“Taiwan is a romantic place,” they stated, “and we are always looking for creative ways to promote it.”

It’s likely that Taiwan’s sex and love theme park would be heavily inspired by Jeju Loveland in South Korea, which opened back in 2004 and features 140 works of art.

However before work on Taiwan’s sex theme park can truly begin, Shih admitted that they still need more investors. While he also admitted that they are hoping a hotel will be opened next to the park “just in case visitors want to turn their feelings into actions.”

[Image via Thats Like Whoa]