What ‘Real Housewives’ Star Is Currently Vacationing In Antarctica?

The Real Housewives women may often look for vacation spots where they can lay on the beach all day, read a book, drink cocktails and eat some fabulous foods made by private chefs. At least, these are the kinds of vacations that viewers have been exposed to on various episodes of The Real Housewives.

But there is one former Real Housewives star, who is daring to put down the cocktails, pack away the bikinis and beach towels, and say hello to the winter coat. And this vacation is not a ski vacation in Aspen, either. This particular vacation is one that many would not even consider trying.

According to a new post on her website, former Real Housewives star Jill Zarin decided to try a different kind of vacation. Throughout January, Jill and her husband Bobby have been traveling around South America and this week, they arrived in Antarctica.

“We are finally here in Antarctica! We made it through The Drake Passage and it didn’t disappoint. Today we went out in rubber boats and we saw a humpback whale, penguins and many breathtaking views,” Zarin revealed on her website, where many Real Housewives fans check in with her.

This former Real Housewives star posted pictures of penguins, whales and icebergs and it sounds like this vacation is rather breathtaking. The journey started earlier this month, when the couple began in Argentina.

“Bobby and I have embarked on a fabulous adventure to Antarctica. I want to share it with you. Here is part 1, Argentina,” Zarin wrote, sharing later, “We had a romantic end to our beautiful few days in Buenos Aires. Visited “Soho”which features amazing graffiti art, had yummy pizza and saw green bottles of coke! We have a 4AM wake up call to catch our private plane to Ushuaia where we board our ship to Antarctica!”

Hopefully, Jill is doing alright on this trip. Just last month, this Real Housewivesstar got injured on a tennis court while on vacation. She explained that she had hurt her back and needed help to get up.

“So depressed. Bobby, ally and 20 family flew to ArubaI. I hurt my back playing tennis.I could do “I’ve fallen and can’t get up! Commercial!” she tweeted at the time.

Even though Jill is sharing her pictures from her vacation, don’t expect her to return to The Real Housewives of New York. She claims that the show was unhealthy for her and being with the other housewives wasn’t necessarily real life, according to the Inquisitr. There have been many reports saying that the producers stage the arguments between the ladies.

What do you think of this former Real Housewives star’s unusual vacation spot?

[Image via Bravo]