WWE News: UFC Already Discussing Opponents For Brock Lesnar, Does This Confirm Lesnar Will Leave WWE Soon?

We’ve heard the rumors, but they may now be coming true. Could current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar leave WWE after WrestleMania 31? While somewhat unlikely before, recent developments have seemingly confirmed it. From the thought of Seth Rollins cashing in on him, to the somewhat face turn on WWE RAW, it looks as if WWE is wanting to send Lesnar out in a big way.

Additionally, according to MMANews, UFC is already talking about opponents for Brock when he comes back to the MMA world. Most notably, they’d like him to face Frank Mir, someone he has a big history with. Lesnar fought Mir twice. The first time, he dominated up until Mir was able to get a knee bar submission on him to make Lesnar tap. The next time they fought, Lesnar once again dominated and practically annihilated Frank for the win. So this type of fight would be fun to see.

To add fuel to this, it would be the rubber match between the two. The second fight still holds up as the highest selling PPV in UFC history. So the idea makes a lot of sense.

Many wonder why Lesnar would leave WWE, where he has made a good payday for the last number of years? He doesn’t have to wrestle often, so the schedule isn’t rough. He gets paid as much or more than he did in MMA. He also doesn’t have to really get hit, as the opponent he faces wants to work a story, not beat him up. The reason Lesnar left UFC was mostly due to sickness, but now he claims to be 100 percent healthy. He was not when he left UFC, but now that he is, there is a chance that he could be better than he was before.

Lesnar had a bout with diverticulitis. It is a severe intestine disorder that Lesnar had once before. The issue resulted in Lesnar having part of his intestine removed. He lost significant weight and was not the same fighter after it. He was UFC Heavyweight Champion at the time this occurred, so it was a terrible time for him to go through the ordeal. He lost his title fight against Cain Velasquez, where he didn’t even show signs that he was able to fight like before.

Brock Mir

Thinking that he was better, Lesnar tried to fight Alistair Overeem to get an opportunity to get his title back. He said that if he lost, he’d quit MMA. He did just that after his loss and UFC hasn’t seen him since. The win was clouded in controversy however, as shortly after, Overeem tested positive for high levels of testosterone. So in order to beat an unhealthy Lesnar, a former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion needed some help.

Now that Lesnar is better, the thought is that Lesnar could go back and have an opportunity to be better than before. WWE signed Lesnar originally in his 20s, but he was only around for 2 years before leaving. Arguably, WWE has a more athletic and better Lesnar today than they did over a decade ago, and it could all be due to Lesnar being healthier now than before.

UFC President Dana White claimed that he’d love to see what a 100 percent healthy Lesnar could do in the UFC, as it is said that Lesnar was never 100 percent in the UFC. He was said to have fought at maybe 70 to 80 percent of what he could have been, as he was unhealthy for some time.

Brock came to WWE in 2012 because he still wanted to do something athletic due to not being able to do MMA. Now that he is 100 percent healthy, MMA is seemingly calling him. So WWE most likely will not be able to keep him. It may be one of those moments where you just have to know something, and it seems that is why Lesnar will return. While White claims to have not spoken to Brock about coming back, we can all assume he has. This is the same man who didn’t let the CM Punk cat out of the bag, even when pried by TMZ reporters.

WWE might lose Lesnar, but it could be for the best. Many fans are souring on him, so it might be best to have him leave now then return down the line if he ever wants to do so. Plus, many fans also wonder if Lesnar could be as good as before, or potentially better in the sport of MMA. There is only one way to find out.

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