January 21, 2015
'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2' News: Bradley Cooper Channels Rocket During Interview [Video]

The latest Guardians of the Galaxy 2 news comes from Bradley Cooper, who channels Rocket during an interview. One of the only two actors who contributed little more than their voice, we remember Rocket as the feisty, furry, gun-happy genetic experiment who takes offense to anyone calling him a raccoon.

Bradley Cooper's American Sniper co-star Sienna Miller claims that his role as the voice of Rocket in the original GotG was her favorite role of his. Of course, we will have to wait until the next Academy Awards to find out if American Sniper can beat Guardians of the Galaxy on Cooper's resume.

There is no doubt that Cooper has certainly risen to fame through some critically slammed work, and he's bounced back every time. His notorious breakout role was as the lead troublemaker in The Hangover and its sequels, and as Face in the ill-received The A-Team.

Now that Cooper has begun starring in roles that show off his potential as an actor, the latest Guardians of the Galaxy 2 news might not be educational as much as it is amusing.

Cooper was asked if he knew anything about the sequel, to which he admitted he knew nothing more than the fact that it will happen.

"I just do whatever James Gunn tells me."
Sienna Miller remarked on Cooper's voice in the first film and how she couldn't even tell it was him talking. After revealing how much she loved the character, he channeled Rocket for one iconic line.
"What's a raccoon?"
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was revealed that the sequel to GotG will expand the universe and possibly explore Groot's intelligence a little more. Of course, if Groot (Vin Diesel) is in it, chances are good that Bradley Cooper will reprise his role as Rocket, his long-time companion.

Bradley Cooper confessed in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy 2 news that all he knows is the sequel is going to happen, but he doesn't know anything else.

We did get to hear Cooper deliver a classic Rocket line again though.

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