Friends Get Surprise Encounter With Sylvester Stalone Running Up Philly’s Famous ‘Rocky’ Steps

When Peter Rowe and his two friends from California paid a visit to Philadelphia, they saw the sights and ate cheesesteaks, but they just couldn’t leave town without taking a brisk run up the intimidating steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You know, the very same steps that Sylvester Stallone runs up and became immortalizes in the first Rocky film. The same steps that have taken on the iconic proportions of a modern day Mount Olympus to any kid who grew up in the 1980s and had their imaginations lit up by the mumbling master of bad jokes, the street smart southpaw and the eternal king of the underdogs that is Mr Rocky Balboa.

So picture the scene if you will. Pete and the guys are huffing and puffing there way to the top of the Rocky steps like apprentice Italian Stallions. No doubt in their minds enacting their own version of the Rocky story, where they play the part made famous by Sly Stallone. When red faced, short of breath, weak of knee, but triumphant of spirit they finally reach the top. And who should they find waiting there? The very man who played rocky himself – Sylvester Stallone.

Rocky Balboa Musical

The smiling Sly didn’t even give the shocked friends time to shout “Adrian,” before making a few trademark wisecracks at the group’s bewildered reaction. Pete explained that Sly said, “Man, you guys are fast. You’re making me look bad!”

The Mirror reported that incredibly the famous actor even posed for a selfie with the group, telling the guys to “look tough.”

As you can see from the picture. The lads struggle to hold the Rocky Balboa tough-man stance and instead beam like excited kittens into the camera.

Tourists from all over flock to the famous Rocky steps each year to re-create the famous scene of Stallone showing the meaning of true tenacity. Pete and his mates enjoyed the one-in-a-millon chance of actually bumping into the man who made Rocky famous because the 68-year-old star is in Philadelphia for the shooting of Creed, the latest installment in the Rocky franchise. The film will star Michael Jordan, who appeared in Fruitvale Station, as the grandson of early Rocky foe Apollo Creed.

And no doubt the new movie will inspire a whole new generation to keep on running up those there steps and chasing their dreams.