Georgia High School Basketball Coach Arrested For Biting Eye And Nose Of Rival Coach, Police Say

Georgia female basketball coach Melonie Joyce Martin was arrested for biting another coach in the face and throwing a chair at him. The 44-year-old South Cobb High School coach reportedly got into a heated argument with Campbell High School Coach Tyrone Harris and threatened to “burst his grill.”

Melonie Joyce Martin allegedly bit Tyrone Harris in the eye and the nose on January 9. According to Martin’s arrest warrant, two other coaches and an assistant Georgia high school principal watched as Melonie Martin threw a chair at Harris, threatened him, and bit his eye and nose.

South Cobb High School basketball coach and teacher Melonie Martin.

“I’m about to beat your [expletive] and stop you and I’ll beat your [expletive] and knock your teeth out of your face,” the Georgia high school basketball coach said to the coach of the rival school’s team.

Police reports also indicate that the argument and physical altercation occurred inside the school office after the South Cobb Eagles lost a girls basketball game to Campbell High School.

The arrest warrant filed for Melonie Martin on January 13 reveals the Georgia high school basketball coach was charged with felony simple battery and making terroristic threats – a misdemeanor. Martin was released from jail on a $7,500 bond approximately seven hours after she was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser.

S. Carlton Rouse, the attorney for the South Cobb High School basketball coach, says his client denies threatening the safety of Tyrone Harris and claims she never touched him or bit his eye and nose. Martin reportedly intends to “vigorously fight” the charges.

“She will continue to do what is in her power to protect her clean reputation for excellence in the classroom and in athletic programs within the school,” Rouse added.

Melonie Martin is a language arts teacher at the Georgia high school. Her current coaching and teacher status remains unknown.

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