‘Shake It Off’ Cop Talks About Viral Video, Campaign To Improve Police Image

You have probably heard about the “Shake It Off” cop, the one that was caught by his dash cam singing and dancing to Taylor Swift’s massive hit. Well, now the man in question is talking and explaining why his department set out to improve police image.

If you use social media or watch the news on a regular basis, it would have been almost impossible to miss this Delaware cop’s performance. The video on YouTube has gone viral and has millions of likes from fans who can’t get enough.

Not only does Master Cpl. Jeff Davis do a masterful job of lip-syncing to the catchy Taylor Swift tune, he will definitely put a smile on your face with his optimistic personality. The married father of three, has some moves, but he doesn’t want anyone on the road to know that.

At one point in the now famous video, the “Shake It Off” cop appears to be at an intersection and as another car approaches the stop sign he interrupts his shenanigans and, very seriously, waves for the other driver to go ahead. As soon as they are out of the picture, he continues shaking it off.

The video — posted to YouTube by the Dover Police Department — has become an instant internet sensation and has more than 20 million likes at this time. Even Taylor Swift took notice and apparently loved it, which most likely increased the number of those viewing the clip


— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) January 18, 2015

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday the “Shake It Off” cop explained that his police department services a very small town in Delaware and the viral video came about because they wanted to increase their following on social media. So the idea of doing a video that could appeal to the masses was born and nobody dreamed the huge success it would become.

“I’m kind of a crazy kind of guy anyway; I like to have fun,” said Davis when he spoke with Today Show host Carson Daly on Wednesday. “When they picked me, I was 100 percent for it.”

The “Shake It Off” cop said that he and his colleagues have been overwhelmed at the response to the video, which has brightened the day of countless people who in many cases need a good laugh. The singing cop also confessed that he lip syncs while driving around in his patrol car on any given day and it shows.

“For us, (to) get a little tarnish off the badge and shine it up a bit, because we’ve been getting a lot of… negative publicity,” he said. “Police in general (have) been getting crazy negative publicity.”

David gave Daly some tips on how to be sassy as he is in the “Shake It Off” video.

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[Image via YouTube]