Florida Day Care Worker Caught On Video Kicking Sleeping Toddler In The Head [Video]

Florida day care worker Linda Klemm was caught on video kicking a sleeping toddler in the head. The Kids Stop-N-Play Holiday area day care staffer reportedly left the little girl “covered in marks” According to the surveillance video footage, Klemm kicked Crystal Faggione’s daughter in the head four times.

Linda Klemm, a Tarpon Springs resident, was fired and then arrested on child abuse charges relating to kicking the sleeping child in the head at the Kids Stops-N-Play day care center in Florida. The 48-year-old day care workers is also a mother of four. Klemm’s motive for kicking the 16-month-old girl in the head remains unknown.

Crystal Faggione, 24, said that she found red marks on little Lillian’s body after her stay at the Kids Stop-N-Play day care center. The marks on the toddler reportedly included a bald patch in her hair, three marks on her forehead, and one mark beneath an eye. The concerned mother called the day care center to discuss the disturbing marks and said she was told by a staffer that the abrasions were not caused at the facility.

After feeding her daughter she discovered more marks than she first realized. “I took her up to the day care and I said, ‘This did not happen in my house. This happened here,'” Faggione stated during a media interview. Her next stop was at a local hospital where medical staff called the police.

Holiday, Florida police reviewed the 16 surveillance cameras at the Kids Stop-N-Play day care center and reportedly found the footage of Linda K. Klemm kicking the sleeping toddler. Lillian Faggione was napping on the floor with a blanket and her teddy bear.

Linda should have known better. Linda was there to take care of children … little, innocent children – and she didn’t,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told the Tampa Bay Times. “Even the most hardened law enforcement officers were disgusted by what they saw in the video.”

Despite watching the video of herself kicking the sleeping child four times in the head at least one dozen times, Linda Klemm still told police officers she was innocent of the child abuse charges. “I’m appalled. I’m devastated. I’ve been here 22 years. Nothing like this has ever happened,” Rhonda Swetland, Kids Stop-N-Play owner, said. “She has four children of her own. She’s not a young girl who gets stressed out.”

“We cried a lot, but other than that, we’re holding strong,” Crystal Faggione said when asked how her family was dealing with the incident.

What do you think about the video of the Florida day care working kicking the sleeping toddler in the head and the charges levied against her?

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