Teresa Giudice Prison Sentence: ‘RHONJ’ Star Apologizes To Prison Staff And Inmates For Media Attention

Teresa Giudice isn’t necessarily the type of reality TV celebrity that you would expect to apologize for anything, ever, but apparently the Real Housewives of New Jersey star ate some humble pie the other day and said sorry to Danbury prison staff, as well as fellow inmates.

So what was the reason for the apology?

According to the most recent report from Radar Online, published today, Teresa Giudice has been saying sorry for the onslaught of media attention the correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut has received since her arrival.

As an inside source told Radar, “Teresa has tried to keep a low profile, and has been keeping to herself. The times when Teresa does interact with the staff, or other inmates, she is constantly apologizing because of the disruption her arrival caused, since she’s a celebrity.”

So how has Teresa’s arrival at Danbury affected the facility? Well, for example, according to the insider, “With visiting hours approaching this weekend, the inmates have been lectured about not allowing their family or friends take pictures of Teresa if she is in the communal area at the same time.”

For her part, the source claims, Teresa Giudice finds the staff at Danbury highly professional and she appreciates all their hard work.

“The staff at Danbury has been very professional to Teresa, however, which she greatly appreciates. Teresa knows that her being at the prison has made their jobs a bit more trying because of all the attention. There is nothing Teresa can do about that, and just wants to be treated like all of the others.”

Teresa has apparently shocked some fellow inmates too, as she is proving daily that, despite her being a millionaire and living in a huge mansion, Giudice is no diva.

As a source reported, “Teresa actually sits on the toilets and they’re gross! Inmates do not touch their butts to them, but she does and it’s the talk of the prison.”

At the same time, Teresa Giudice is reportedly doing what she can to make friends while in jail, as she has apparently already bonded with a number of prisoners, who have, “really helped Teresa cope.”