'Bachelor' Chris Soules More Boring Than Sean Lowe? 'All He Does Is Giggle And Make Out'

Is Chris Soules the most boring Bachelor in the show's history? Although ABC's reality show continues to hold steady in the ratings, the buzz on Twitter suggests that the Iowa farmer is putting viewers to sleep. If the negative chatter about this season is any indication, Soules could rank right up there with former Bachelor Sean Lowe, who has the "personality of a dishtowel" according to The Stir.

Months before the season premiere of The Bachelor aired, The Daily Beast's Brandy Zadrozny predicted that watching Chris Soules try to find a wife would be as "exciting as watching soybeans grow." Viewers who are voicing their opinions on social media confirm Zadrozny's prognostication, with fans complaining not only about Chris' boring demeanor, but his "annoying giggle" and constant make out sessions with the majority of the ladies on the show.Although some fans state that Chris Soules is a complete bore, it appears his lack of personality is not keeping them from watching the show. Zap2It reports that ratings were up for the third episode that aired on January 19, putting it in the number one spot for adults 18-24, with viewership rising from 6.5 million viewers in week two to 7.5 million in week three.

However, the rise in ratings could have something to do with Jimmy Kimmel's appearance on Monday night's show — one that turned ABC's mundane reality show into an entertaining two hour comedy show.

Boring or not, fans at least have the crazy girls in the house to talk about. ABC certainly didn't lack for applicants who would spice thing up this season, including onion girl Ashley Salter; the Kardashian wanna-be Ashley Iaconetti; Jade the former Playboy model who has jumped in bed with Chris; and Jillian Anderson, the bodybuilder who has had her rear-end censored by a black bar on every episode.Do you think Chris Soules is a boring Bachelor or is he just overwhelmed by the multiple personalities he has to deal with on the show?

[Images: @BachelorABC Twitter]