NASA Helioviewer: Giant Cigar-Shaped UFO Spotted Moving Close To The Speed Of Light? [Photos]

A solar UFO-ologist says he has spotted a giant rod-shaped UFO flying in the “solar space.” The UFO was spotted on NASA’s helioviewer by the prolific YouTube UFO researcher, “Myunhauzen74.” Images of the latest UFO discovery near the sun were posted online on January 20, 2015.

The YouTube video shows images of the rod-shaped UFO captured passing close to the Sun. Close-ups of the image are provided under different color schemes to allow the unidentified object to stand out in relief against the dark space background.

You can examine the images closely and come to an independent conclusion about the significance of the rod-like object captured in the vicinity of the sun.

Do you think the image is a photographic flaw or an object flying close to the sun — a comet, for instance?

UFO-ologists will scoff at skeptics’ repeated claims that many of the UFOs appearing in NASA images are photographic flaws. Researchers who discover UFOs regularly in NASA photos will ask why the world of NASA’s space imagery is so riddled with photographic anomalies that often suggest something significant. UFO researchers have said they would love NASA officials to address their questions publicly. But NASA officials have been reticent about UFO matters.

Cigar-Shaped UFO

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring raises questions about the nature of the UFO in the latest photos. Is it a rod or cigar-shaped UFO? Or could the appearance of rod shape be due to the UFO travelling at enormous speed?

Waring favors the hypothesis that it is a UFO moving at close to the speed of light. He notes the fact that when viewed in black and white it appears like a shiny orb-shaped individual craft.

“This may not be a rod, but an incredibly fast ship that was caught in moving at incredible speeds. What I mean is when mynahzen74 changes the color to black and white, we see an individual craft, round and reflective. I believe that is what this is—a single round craft moving…perhaps…at the speed of light.”

Look at the images once again. What do you think? Is it a natural or artificial orb-shaped object travelling at great speed close to the sun or a cigar-shaped object? Or do insist that this is only a flaw in the photograph?

Cigar-shaped UFOs have been reported multiple times in the past. The prolific UFO hunter, Streetcap1, reported two cigar-shaped UFOs close to the ISS last October. However, NASA interrupted the lifestream, and when it resumed, the UFOs had disappeared.

Also in May of last year, researchers spotted on a Curiosity Rover photo a cigar-shaped UFO orbiting Mars.

Cigar-Shaped UFOs Orbiting Mars

A large cigar-shaped UFO was also spotted flying over the city of Korosten in Ukraine last year.

The Huffington Post’s Lee Spiegel observes that cigar-shaped UFOs have an interesting history.

“Throughout the history of UFO sightings, cigar-shaped craft have been reported with accompanying speculation that these large objects are ‘motherships’ that come from very far away and contain the smaller, oft-reported flying saucers or triangular craft that people claim to see. The ‘cigar’ craft have been compared to ocean-going military aircraft carriers.”

But some UFO experts think that many “skinny” cigar-shaped UFOs are actually the streamlined body of a saucer-shaped flying object observed from the side. Others have suggested that variations in the shape of UFOs, including orb, saucer, triangle and cigar could be evidence of different alien species with different space technologies.

Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former Associate Minister of National Defense, claims that four alien species have visited Earth in the past.

What do you think of Hellyer’s testimony? Is it difficult to believe that a former Minister of Defense of a major industrialized western nation has privileged information on which to base his judgment?