Outrage After Two Gay Men Are Told To Stop Kissing By McDonald’s Security Guard

The gay community is outraged after a McDonald’s security guard told two men to stop kissing at the McDonald’s branch in Leicester, UK.

According to reports, when the security guard saw Matthew Dummigan, giving his male friend a “peck on the lips,” he approached him and told him to stop as it was making people “feel uncomfortable.”

But according to Dummigan, a dancer and choreographer, “It was horrific. He said it was making people feel uneasy. It was really upsetting for me.”

He told reporters, “I tried to confront him about it – I told him his attitude wasn’t right. I was really angry and upset. Gay people can get married and divorced, yet they get told off for showing a bit of affection – his attitude was so outdated.”

One of Dummigan’s four friends who was in the McDonald’s at the time reportedly stuck up for him, “One of my friends stuck up for us and he got chucked out,” he said.

As Dummigan said, “I’ve been out as gay for seven years and I have never witnessed anything like this in my life. I read about things like this happening in the papers but I never thought it would happen to me. It wasn’t even a proper kiss, it was a peck.”

When a spokesman for McDonald’s was contacted regarding the incident, he said,

“We are very sorry for Mr Dummigan’s experience when visiting our restaurant. We have taken this complaint very seriously and are conducting a thorough internal investigation and while this is happening have suspended the security guard in question. Our customer care team is in touch with Mr Dummigan.”

The incident at the UK McDonald’s branch comes just a few days after BBC local radio DJs Iain Lee and Justin Dealey received anti-gay abuse for holding hands in public.