Son Of Mob Boss John Gotti Recalls The Day Dad Tore Frank Sinatra A New A**hole

A new book by the son of legendary mobster John Gotti claims his father once tore Frank Sinatra a new a**hole and threatened to kill the popular crooner.

Known as the Dapper Don because of his custom-made suits and slicked down hair, Gotti was often referred to as the King of New York. The notorious gangster was renowned as a larger than life character with a reputation to match, and people who moved in the same circles as the Mafia kingpin knew that if Gotti ever sent for you, it was probably best you didn’t disappoint him. Something Frank Sinatra allegedly learned the hard way.


In his recently published book, Shadow of My Father, John Gotti Jr. writes how his father once threatened to kill Sinatra because the crooner stood him up.

Gotti writes that his father was “a hard-core gangster” who didn’t like to be insulted or crossed – no matter who it was, and that included world famous singers such as Old Blue Eyes himself.

The Daily Mail reports that Sinatra had sent tickets for his Carnegie Hall concert to Gotti. The Gambino crime family boss was supposed to meet the singer backstage and then have dinner together. Except Sinatra never showed because he cancelled at the last minute “due to illness.” Here’s the rub. Frankie boy was seen later that night at the Savoy Grill, smiling and joking with friends such as Jilly Rizzo and looking the picture of rude health. Needless to say, such blatant disrespect didn’t go down at all well with you know who.


The story claims Gotti sent henchman Joe Watts to Sinatra’s table where he proceeded “to tear Sinatra and his pal Rizzo a new a**hole.” In no uncertain terms, Watts told Sinatra how it was going to be from then on.

“The next time John sends for you and you make up an excuse. I will be the last face you will see on this earth.”

Of course, after 1992, John Gotti’s dinner dates with Frank Sinatra were no longer possible. The Dapper Don was indicted on 13 counts including murder and racketeering, and he was sentenced to life in prison where he eventually died from “choking on his own blood and bile” after spending a decade “in the hole.”

John Gotti Book

Gotti Jr. believes that his father’s life sentence became a death sentence due to the medical neglect by prison authorities. He claims that the water supply which fed the US prison in Marion, Illinois where his father was incarcerated was laced with cancer-causing PCBs drawn from nearby Carb Orchard Lake. Chemicals which eventually caused his father’s head, neck and throat cancer, according to his son.

“Regular dental care could have diagnosed the problem early and could have checked the gum infections before they ate into my father’s jaw, before they helped cause the cancer that killed him. John J. Gotti was treated worse than a Guantanamo terrorist. They at least get decent medical care.

“He had multiple lousy surgeries to remove the cancer, bad dental implants he pulled out himself — blood and pus flowing because they ignored him. They gave him a titanium jaw when his jaw rotted away. but no teeth. He had to gum his food for years. rubbing garlic on his gums to help with the infection. After years in solitary confinement, he became a shadow of a man. He was locked up in isolation for 23.5 hours a day, fed a survival diet, chained up when he showered, chained to a concrete slab in his cell and spreadeagled naked if guards were having a bad day.”

Gotti, who collapsed in a pool of his own blood after a tumor had burst, causing him to haemorrhage and lose six pints of his own blood from excessive pressure on his heart and lungs, was later put in a medically induced coma from which he never recovered

Gotti Jr. remains adamant that for all his father’s suffering, “he went out like a man.”

“While he was dying, I remember his toughness. He took it with him. They never could take it, the government. They got his blood, they even took his life with their neglect. His spirit— never.”