Man Scooped Up By Garbage Truck Survived By Building Makeshift ‘Trash Coffin’

A man in California, who was scooped up by a garbage truck recently, is lucky to be alive, and only survived his ordeal because he built a makeshift “trash coffin” around himself.

Lt. Martin Torres, from the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department, said the unnamed man was searching through garbage in the Sacramento area when the dumpster he was searching in got tipped into the garbage truck.

According to the Woodland Daily Democrat, who reported the extraordinary story, Torres said, “The man said he was stuck in the truck for about an hour, but estimates show it was more like three or three and a half hours. The truck made several other pick-ups before arriving at the landfill, where the driver saw the man crawl out of his trash pile.”

In order not to get crushed to death by the compactor, Torres told reporters that the man “build a coffin around himself” to protect himself, a trick that later proved to be lifesaving for him.

Lt. Torres also said that the man is lucky to be alive at all, “He was lucky the truck was only half full,” Torres said. “Had it been full, he would have certainly been crushed and suffocated to death.”

On top of that, the man had a lucky escape once again when he was nearly run over by a bulldozer at the Yolo County Landfill, after he was dumped out by the garbage truck into the landfill.

As Torres added, “The driver was pretty much a hero for that.”

Nick Sikich, chief operating officer of Sacramento-based Atlas Disposal, released a statement to the press about the incident, “While our driver had no idea of anyone in his load, we’re very glad and proud of our driver for spotting the man while dumping out his truck at the landfill. If he hadn’t, the landfill equipment could have come along and buried him. We hope the man is OK and had a speedy recovery from any injuries.”