Taya Kyle Gives Heartfelt 'Thank You' In Response To The Success Of 'American Sniper'

Taya Kyle, the widow of sniper Chris Kyle, was overwhelmed by the success of the biopic based on her husband's life. The film, American Sniper, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper, has been getting rave reviews, as well as six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. American Sniper also managed to perform well in the box office, earning more than $90 million this weekend alone.

Kyle's widow posted a heartfelt message on her Facebook page expressing gratitude for the film's success.

"I am overwhelmed with gratitude and my heart is full," Taya wrote. "American Sniper has broken records, which follows such an honest path of Chris's life," she added. "We never expected anything and were always in a moment of stunned silence at the response from all the beautiful people in this world."

"The only thing I can say is thank you," Taya Kyle added. "Thank you for the love and support of our military. Thank you for being willing to watch the hard stuff and thank you for hearing, seeing, experiencing the life of our military and first responders."

taya kyle american sniper tribute

Chris Kyle was a highly decorated Navy SEAL who served four tours in Iraq, and he was one of the best snipers in military history. He wrote about his exploits in a memoir that was a non-fiction best seller and the source material for the film. Unfortunately, Kyle was killed by a fellow soldier suffering from PTSD during a trip to the firing range, according to police reports.

After the death of her husband, Taya Kyle wrote her own book about her life as the wife of a soldier, American Wife: A Memoir of Love, Service, Faith, and Renewal. Taya Kyle also wrote about how much she misses her husband, Chris.

In her Facebook post, Taya Kyle wrote, "You are the man who I couldn't have even dreamt of because you were/are better than I could have dreamed, the love of my life, my friend, partner and the man who laughed with me through the pain and found joy in the smallest and best parts of life."

She ended her missive by saying, "I hope you see the love and good we will do together in whatever God has planned for the rest of the journey. Thank you for loving me. You are with me and I love you is all I can say. I can only say it simply, because there aren't words enough to express it all."

Taya Kyle also talked to PEOPLE about her husband's legacy. "He was a man with a huge heart and charisma and kindness," she says. "I think the blessing is that Chris really lived. He had a big personality and a zest for whatever he did."

[Images via Twitter and HonorChrisKyle Facebook]