Man Beats Girlfriend With A Puppy, Timothy Tucker Used Two-Week-Old Dog As A Weapon

In November, Timothy Tucker, 51, not only may have allegedly beat his girlfriend, he bludgeoned her with a two-week-old puppy, taking animal cruelty to the extreme by using the small dog as a weapon in his assault.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the man who famously beat a rape suspect to a pulp also hurt his girlfriend and ended up in the same jail as the alleged rapist. In addition, the rape suspect even blames the girlfriend for his criminal charges.

According to court documents, Tucker punched his girlfriend, leaving her with a “severely swollen eye.” The man then grabbed hold of the puppy and repeatedly struck the woman with the dog. The assault left fecal matter from the puppy on the woman and the small dog perished in the attack.

Kalamazoo County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Reisterer says this case was very memorable for this dark reason.

“I’ve been doing this… for 25 years,” Reisterer said. “This is one of the few cases that turns my stomach. To take a two-week-old puppy and bludgeon his significant other to the point that she requires hospitalization and the puppy is dead… is incomprehensible.”

Tucker’s girlfriend also said she has struggled with depression after being attacked with a puppy.

“I was hurt, scared in my own house, being attacked in my own house,” the woman said. “I’m still scared and I shouldn’t have to feel like that from someone I cared about, someone I loved…. He’s going to find the wrong broken person and either they’re going to kill him or he’s going to kill them.”

When the accused man spoke in court on Tuesday all he had to say was that he wanted his property back from his former girlfriend. Tucker plead guilty to one count of third-offense domestic violence, but his one count of killing/torturing animals was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. The agreement attempted to seek no prison time for the man, but Circuit Judge Alexander C. Lipsey noted the offender had a long history of domestic violence.

“The court looked fairly extensively at the history in this particular matter and it does appear the defendant has potential anger issues,” Lipsey said according to “There is a point at which the system can help but help is the operative word. The initiative has to come from the defendant, he has to be able to figure out if he’s willing to accept help and act on it.”

In the end, the man who beat his girlfriend with a puppy was sentenced to six months in jail with credit for 68 days already served, as well as four years of probation.