Batman To Appear In 'Suicide Squad' Ahead Of Solo Flick? New Details Emerge On WB Plans To Tie DCU Together

It looks like Warner Bros. won't be pulling any punches next year when it launches the DC Cinematic Universe. A new report claims there's a high likelihood that we could see Batman popping into the Suicide Squad movie in a move that could lay the groundwork for future solo Batman projects.

We all know that Batman will play a big role in next year's Batman v Superman, with the Dark Knight set to have an epic throw-down with the Man of Steel before the two heroes inevitably unite against a common enemy. Observers have been wondering since the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, though, just how the Caped Crusader would figure into the larger DC Cinematic Universe. Warner Bros., after all, has yet to announce any solo Batman feature films.

Now, though, Forbes' Mark Hughes cites unnamed sources in claiming that Batman is likely to make an appearance in Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. villain-focused feature that's set to open a few months after Batman v Superman. According to Hughes' sources, Batman will appear "supposedly in an in-story scene, likely at the end of the film and focused on certain circumstances involving the Joker."

Hughes' report flies in the face of a related report from Latino-Review. That report – one that's full of potential Suicide Squad spoilers and definitely worth checking out – claims that Batman will not, in fact, be appearing in Suicide Squad. Instead, the report claims, Batman will only be "mentioned and shown on camera footage."

The difference is small, but significant. Having Affleck show up as Batman in the Suicide Squad would signal that Warner Bros. is definitely taking a page from Marvel's Avengers handbook in setting up its superhero cinematic universe. Marvel, of course, has had Sam Jackson's Nick Fury – and Benicio del Toro's Collector, as well as Thanos – pop up across its Avengers-related movies in order to better tie the movies together, and Batman could serve something of the same role in the Justice League movies.

An actual appearance by Batman would also likely serve to build the hype for a possible Batman solo movie. As many have previously speculated, Suicide Squad looks likely to lay the groundwork for the villainous side of the DC Universe, but the biggest DC villain of all is the Joker, who will make an appearance in Suicide Squad. The rumor now is that Warner Bros. is planning to use Jared Leto's Joker character as the main villain in an as yet unannounced Batman movie, and having Batman appear in the Suicide Squad film would only serve to build the hype to near unbearable levels.

Is any of this true? It's just about impossible to say, as is the case with any Justice League, Star Wars, Avengers, X-Men, or other superhero movie. The movie makers are, understandably, playing all of this very close to the vest, and leaks like this can't be verified until you see them on the screen or at least hear about them in a press conference.