‘Jane The Virgin’s’ Gina Rodriguez Preps For A Riskier Future

Riding high from her Golden Globe win, Gina Rodriguez is seemingly unstoppable. The 30-year-old actress is being lauded not only for her portrayal of Jane Gloriana Villanueva, she’s also being hailed as the newest inspirational figure for all types of women today.

The CW is also winning in the ratings game as more and more people tune in to Jane the Virgin. The small show came in slow, but after experiencing critical success, the show now rakes in more than 1.4 million viewers with every episode. And the numbers are continuing to rise. The network managed to nab a 60 percent increase in viewers compared to last year’s performance.

Rodriguez expressed her thoughts about her famous character in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She noted how Jane’s fear of messing up is the main concern of her TV persona.

“She’s got this thing about her where she’s so afraid of messing up, of missing out, of losing, of hurting someone that she holds tight,” she explained.

It’s not only the baby that she has to bring into this world as the show’s titular character made a shocking decision to pick Rafael (Justin Baldoni) over her fiancé, Michael (Brett Dier). “[She] has to make risky choices. That’s very new for Jane.”

As Jane transitions to a new relationship, Rodriguez said that audiences should be prepared to see her character finally seal the deal with her special someone.

“Yeah, a 100 percent we will!” the actress exclaimed during an interview with Access Hollywood. Does this mean that Jane will no longer be a virgin? Rodriguez explained how the show’s producers are looking for a clever way to fix that dilemma.

“‘Jane the Virgin‘ scribble out the ‘Virgin‘.”

Rodriguez doesn’t like knowing what will happen to Jane and she refuses to ask about what lies ahead. She prefers to wait for the script instead of straight up asking the crew for important plot points of the storyline. She did tease a little bit of what’s coming up: “You will see Jane fall into her fantasies, and that’s going to be really fun.”

The show has repeatedly been making references to Mexican telenovelas and people can expect to see the show fully embracing the connections to its roots. Rodriguez explains how these factors help the audience hear the strong female voice that they need. No matter how crazy the storylines could get, Rodriguez promises to bring a more grounded portrayal of the modern Latina.

“I like getting to keep everything in a real place or else it could be campy,” she said.

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