Paramedic Accused of Raping Woman in Ambulance

On Christmas day, a woman who suffered a concussion was hoping to get help from paramedics. Instead, she was sexually assaulted. Mark Powell, 49, allegedly raped a 22-year-old woman as she was lay unconscious and strapped to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance.

USA Today reports that the 22-year-old woman fell and suffered a concussion during a holiday party. When she woke up she was being sexually assault by Powell in the back of an ambulance.

Powell surrendered on Thursday to face charges of first degree sexual assault and unlawful restraint.

Hamden Police Chief Thomas Wydra called the act “outrageous” and “horrifying.” Wydra said:

“Our society places the greatest level of trust and confidence in its public safety providers, and the circumstances in this case reflect a tremendous breach of that faith. The victim in this incident demonstrated enormous strength and courage in bringing this complaint forward.”

Powell and the victim were the only two people in the back of the ambulance at the time of the incident. AMR spokeswoman Deborah Hileman said that it’s a national standard to only have one person in the back during the transport of a patient.

AMR General Manager Charles Babson said:

“This kind of behavior is an affront to AMR caregivers across Connecticut who provide high quality care to their patients each and every day, with integrity and compassion.”

Police are currently investigating the driver of the ambulance and waiting for lab results. Hamden Police Capt. Ronald Smith doesn’t believe that the driver was involved in the incident.

Powell was released on $25,000 bail and is currently on administrative leave.