Response To 11-Year-Old’s ‘Do You Like Me?’ Note Perfectly Illustrates The Troubles Of Young Love

It’s not too hard to run across someone yearning for the days of their youth when it comes to love, those halcyon days when you could just ask someone “Do you like me?” and then leave a check-box with a simple yes or no. As one recent note shared from one 11-year-old to another shows, though, it’s not that simple, and it may never have been that simple.

Today’s little trip down memory lane comes courtesy of Reddit user lindsrae, who says their friend’s little girl “sent a boy in school a note to ask if he liked her.” It’s the classic check-box structure you may or may not remember from when you were that age, with the simple question: Do you like me – Yes, No. What’s not so standard, though, is the 11-year-old boy’s response.

11-year-old do you like me note
This 11-year-old's response to a "Do you like me?" note is one of the more self-aware things we've seen on the internet in a while. Also one of the most naive. Ah, youth.

“I don’t know. I don’t know myself yet. Plus I’m under a lot of stress at home so, I can’t tell.”

“P.S. You don’t know yourself until you’re 18.”

And here we have a terrific mix of “Wise Beyond His Years” and “Still Has a Bit to Learn.” It’s the rare 11-year-old that’s self-aware enough to just say “I don’t know,” and a rarer one still that will add that he doesn’t know himself yet. Add to that the attribution of that uncertainty to a stressful situation at home, and this kid’s outright impressive.

As far as having a bit to learn, well, that little postscript shows that while the kid may be a bit wise beyond his years, he’s maybe still got some illusions about how life works. It’s the rare person that fully knows themselves at 18; ask your average bright-eyed college freshman.

Of course, the potentially sad part is that the kid says he’s under a lot of stress at home, something he doesn’t expound upon. The Redditor that posted the note didn’t go into detail on what the boy’s problems might be, because she hasn’t had the chance to ask.

“That’s immediately what I focused on,” lindsrae replied in one thread.

“Made me wonder and feel bad for him.”

Ah well, here’s hoping the kid’s just stressing about a test or making it through a coming family trip, and not something more serious. It occurs to us, though: the kid could just be letting the note-writer down easily, giving her a point seven years into the future for when he might know himself and thus be able to tell her if he likes her. Sly devil.

In any case, it’s one of the cuter notes we’ve seen in quite a while. At least since that one four-year-old tried to woo one of his classmates with a typed love letter that said she was “pretty like a horse or a ladybug” and promised magic tricks and battle robots if only she would come over to his house and eat cheeses with him.

Again: young love.