Amber Portwood Feels ‘Blessed’ With Boyfriend

Amber Portwood may have spent some time in prison, but since her release, she is doing fantastic. She has a new boyfriend, her daughter is growing up beautifully, and she will be coming back to reality show television very soon. Not only that, but Amber is also on social networking (she was the last of the Teen Mom stars to engage in social networking) and updates fans on her life. Most recently, she shared an awesome new photo of her daughter, Leah, on Twitter.

Leah lives primarily with her father, Gary Shirley. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gary Shirley is going to be a dad again as his girlfriend is pregnant. He revealed that his girlfriend is expecting a baby girl later this year, so that means Leah will have a little sister. Although Amber Portwood has not yet had any more kids, she has been seeing a new guy and the two seem to be really hitting it off.

Amber’s boyfriend, Matt, has been a Teen Mom fan for a while. He used to tweet during the episodes and wasn’t too kind to all of the cast members. In fact, he seemed to call out Jenelle Evans the most, which ended up resulting in a brief Twitter feud when Matt’s tweets were discovered.

“Who cares about @ChelseaHouska she’s normal!! Get to @PBandJenelly_1 we need the trainwreck!!! #teenmom2reunion. Only 60 minutes until @PBandJenelley_1 makes even Americas worst moms feel good about themselves.”

Despite their troubles (and his troubled past), Amber Portwood seems very happy with her new boyfriend. He has been there for her through some tough times, including the passing of her father. She recently reached out to her boyfriend on Twitter and let him know how much he means to her.

Teen Mom is set to come back to MTV on February 2, and Amber Portwood will be a part of the cast. In fact, all the original cast members are set to return — except for Farrah Abraham. There were rumors that Amber would not return to the show if Farrah came back for another season, but that is just not true as a source told E! last year.

“People are saying Amber refused to be on the show if Farrah was brought back and that’s not true. She contacted Farrah just the other day and sending her love.”

Amber Portwood seems to be staying very positive these days and often sends her love to friends and fans on Twitter.

[Image via Twitter]