Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff Photographed Together — Proof They Are Engaged?

Rumors that Bachelor Chris Soules is engaged to Whitney Bischoff have been creating a buzz online for weeks, but a recent photo of the couple posted to Whitney's Instagram page has many fans wondering if the gossip is true.

On Monday's episode of the Bachelor, Chris and Whitney crashed a wedding during their one-on-one date, pretending to be an engaged couple. Reality Steve confirmed on Tuesday that the whole "crash the wedding" scene was staged, but still maintains that the engagement part is real. While some fans doubt that Whitney is his final pick, Steve states that he is absolutely sure that Soules and Bischoff got engaged — not at the wedding they crashed, but at the final rose ceremony.

Minutes after Whitney posted a photo (below) from the wedding on her Instagram account, the comments from fans started. One was from the bride herself, Shannon French, who commented that it was "a pleasure" to have Chris and Whitney at her wedding. Other fans stated that by posting the photo online, it proved that "he for sure" gave Whitney the final rose.

whitney and chris soules

While fans were gushing over the photo of the farmer and his rumored future wife, Bachelor host Chris Harrison was busy trying to convince fans that producers did not plan for Chris and Whitney to crash Shannon French's wedding. On his blog, he wrote the event "was not planned" and the producers "didn't know those people at the wedding." Shocking.

Unfortunately, the bride and groom leaked out the details about the whole set-up, revealing to their friends and followers on Instagram that producers contacted them prior to their wedding to set the whole thing up. Reality Steve notes that the bride's big reveal was deleted shortly after it was posted, but not before a screenshot of the conversation was taken.

Whitney Chris crash wedding

Loyal fans of the Bachelor know that the dates are never spontaneous, so it probably didn't come as a surprise to find out that Chris and Whitney didn't actually crash the wedding. However, is the fact that Whitney posted a photo of herself kissing Chris at the wedding a hint that they end up together?

The season finale will air around the first week of March, so fans only have about six weeks to go before they find out for sure. While many have questioned Reality Steve's spoilers this season because they aren't as detailed as in other seasons, it will be interesting to see if he comes through with his prediction that Chris picks Whitney over one of his other frontrunners — Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn and Becca.

Do you think Whitney was hinting that she is engaged to Chris Soules, or was she simply thanking the bride for having her wedding invaded by the Bachelor crew and their cameras?

[Image: Reality Steve]