Pregnant Florida Couple Robbed At Gunpoint For Pair Of Michael Jordan Shoes

A pregnant woman and her fiancé – both of Jacksonville, Florida, – were robbed at gunpoint Sunday afternoon for a pair of $80 Michael Jordan shoes, News4Jax reports.

After finding a buyer for their Michael Jordan shoes on a Facebook group called 904 Sneaker Hall, the couple decided to meet up and make a sale. When they arrived the buyer’s desired location, the side of the Englewood High School, the couple stated that two teenagers approached them.

Feeling a little iffy about the situation, the couple decided to leave their car running just in case things went awry. Luckily they did, though, because what was supposed to have been a smooth transaction turned into a senseless crime.

Before a gun was drawn, the teenagers examined the Michael Jordan shoes as if they were going to buy them. When they thought it was clear to snatch the shoes and run, they took their chances, but the pregnant woman’s fiancé didn’t let them get away that easily, though.

“When he had them in his hand and he thought that he had a clean getaway, he grabbed them (the shoes),” the fiancé stated. “When he grabbed them, I grabbed him and the other guy pulled out a gun.”

The woman’s fiancé and the teenagers had a small tussle before they ran off with the Michael Jordan Shoes.

Since the couple – whose names have not been released to the public – left the car running, they were able to leave the area quickly.

No one was injured during the Sunday robbery. However, the couple did express a few concerns about their unborn baby.

Shaken up about the incident, the pregnant woman spoke with reporters.

“I could have had a heart attack or lost the baby. I couldn’t keep no food down, couldn’t keep any liquids down and then they said I was so dehydrated”

The couple believed that meeting up with someone from a popular site would be safe. Little did they know that people often use sites to commit crimes as irrational as robbing someone at gunpoint to steal a pair of Michael Jordan shoes.

Teenagers are especially known for committing such crimes through social media, an investigator says.

Although an arrest has not been made in the connection to the robbery, the couple was able to give police a few photos of the culprits that would help apprehend them.

The suspects’ Facebook account has since been deactivated.

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