Dad Arrested For Giving Marijuana Oil To Daughter With Cancer; 130,000 Sign Petition

Australian dad Adam Koessler was arrested on January 2, 2015, for administering a form of medical marijuana, medicinal grade cannabis oil, to his daughter, Rumer Rose, after she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

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On Christmas Eve, Rumer Rose was diagnosed with stage-4 neuroblastoma — a pediatric cancer that develops from immature nerve cells — according to Koessler, who shared details of his story on a GoFundMe page he set up to help with his daughter’s care.

Adam Koessler, fearless father, with daughter Rumah Rose

Doctors started Koessler’s daughter on a 12 month chemotherapy plan while Adam Koessler and Rumer’s mother started complimentary naturopathic treatment described on the GoFundMe page.

“Along with her proposed 12 months of radical chemotherapy Rumers mother and I immediately implemented a complementary medicine plan to increase her 50% chance of survival. My aim was to create an alkaline climate in her body, provide a nutrient dense diet, alkaline water, essential oil therapy and a healing environment of fun and positivity.”

Adam claims Rumer showed “miraculous” signs of improvement after she was given the medicinal grade cannabis oil.

Koessler said his daughters appetite returned, started to gain weight, skin color came back, and her “delightful behavior was restored.”

Typical cancer chemo treatment “often causes a lack of appetite, changes in taste, and hinders digestion. These changes may affect your body weight,” says the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. These and other physical and mental side effects of treating cancer with chemotherapy make it an unpleasant experience.

Adam was arrested January 2 for “supplying dangerous drugs to a minor under 16 years” and, at first, was forbidden to visit Rumer as part of his bail. Despite two courts giving Koessler supervised visitation rights, the Mirror reported that the hospital blocked his attempted visit with Rumer.

The “Adam Fearless Father” Facebook page posted on the incident of Koessler’s attempt to see his daughter.

“Unfortunately, despite a judge in both the family court and the Brisbane magistrates court making orders that allow Adam to see Rumer, and a person to supervise the visit being in place at a court appointed time, the hospital and Rumers mother are not prepared to honour those court orders.”

“Adam waited at the hospital for hours yesterday, after driving 4 hours to Brisbane, only to be eventually told by nursing staff, a member of child protection and security guards that he needed to leave the hospital. So he still has NOT seen Rumer.”

Koessler’s story has gained international attention, many saying that it is wrong to charge him with crimes for attempting to help his daughter, even if it is an illegal drug. Koessler has found strong support via social media and many well wishers through the hash tag #fearlessfather.

Medical marijuana is illegal in Australia, apparently even the oil made from the cannabis plant. Coincidentally, according to Yahoo Parenting, in 2015 there may be legalization of medical marijuana in the state the Koesslers reside in.

In two days, a petition in support of the “Fearless Father” has increased from 50,000 signatures to over 130,000. The petition on calls for Queensland premier Campbell Newman and justice minister Jarrod Bleijie to intervene.

“It is inhumane and unjust to keep a parent, who acted out of love for his child [and] wanting to prolong her life, away from her during such severe illness.”

What do you think, is use of an illegal drug, like cannabis oil, rectified by good cause? Do you think Koessler’s sentence, including possible jail time, are fair and appropriate to the situation?