Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend: New Details Regarding Mystery Man!

Who is Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend? She has been canoodling with a mystery man since at least New Year’s Eve. The reality show star shared a photo of her and her man sharing a kiss, but didn’t reveal anything else about him. Of course, fans of the former Teen Mom have been trying to find out details about the new guy, but few details are available.

Some fans speculate that Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend could be married. This is based off of a ring that has been spotted on his left hand. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the mystery man hid his left hand in his pocket. Of course, this doesn’t mean he was trying to hide anything, but that hasn’t stopped fans from chattering.

Whether or not he is married is not known, but the fact that Farrah is sharing photos of herself with him all over the internet makes it seem that he is likely not married. If he is, his wife would likely know by this point. However, there are some new details about Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend available now.

Celebuzz reports that his name is Simon. Upon further investigation, Farrah posted a photo showing a man holding an envelope with the names “Farrah and Simon.” The envelope is from AU Car Service and the photo was captioned, “It’s official when you see this.” The two also went out on a movie date recently.

“Nothing like a movie night! #REDEYE #FLYLIFE”

Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend went with her to New York for her latest gig. Although she is not making any more adult films, Farrah still frequents adult establishments where she promotes herself. Aside from appearing in New York, she will be in Arizona on Wednesday. It is unclear if Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend will accompany her to her next gig or if he will be with her at the AVN awards later this month. He was spotted at the actual night club with her in New York, so some fans assume that he may be traveling to her destinations with her.

Aside from traveling the country, Farrah Abraham will be back on reality television. Although Teen Mom is coming back to MTV next month, Farrah was not asked to be a part of the series and will instead be featured on another reality show. Some people speculate that she will be on Botched, a show which helps fix plastic surgery gone wrong, something that Farrah is all too familiar with. Whether or not Farrah Abraham’s boyfriend will appear with her on a new reality show is not known, either.

[Image: via Instagram]