‘Chicago PD’: Lindsay And Halstead’s Relationship, Lindsay’s New Job And ‘Chicago Fire’ Crossover

If you were a fan waiting to see something more between Lindsay and Halstead on Chicago PD, then you probably loved the latest episode, which saw the two give in to what’s between them now that they’re not working together. But what comes next for them? How is Lindsay going to handle her new job moving forward? What’s coming up in the next crossover with Chicago Fire?

First up, Chicago PD‘s Jesse Lee Soffer has told TVLine that the next episode “picks up right where they left off,” and if you need a refresher on that, watch the video below to see that entire scene, starting from Lindsay arriving at Halstead’s apartment and ending with the two losing their clothes.

As for who will be told about the two taking this step in their relationship, Soffer said they’ll be playing with whether or not to tell people, and Sophia Bush added that the one person they should be worried about knowing is exactly the person you’re probably thinking of – Voight.

“The big question is, do we tell Voight? I’m sure he’s going to find out at some point and we’ll see the wrath of what that looks like afterwards.”

While that’s something that has yet to be answered, according to the actress, Bush talked about how Lindsay and Halstead’s history makes this relationship different.

“A relationship that starts out of a years-old friendship, obviously, is very different from one that starts because you meet someone at a bar and you go on a date. There is rapport. There is intimate knowledge. There’s a shorthand. I think that’s what the fans are excited about. That’s what we’re excited about exploring is how are all those things affected [or not] by this new dynamic.”

This isn’t the only new aspect in Lindsay’s life right now on Chicago PD. She also has a new job, on a federal task force, and based on what Bush told E! Online, she may have a decision to make in the future.

“When she goes to work for the feds, her boss doesn’t care [about the team working like a family]. He’s more concerned with keeping the steamroller rolling, if you will. So do I want what looks better on paper or was I happier in this place I was before? You’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.”

Things didn’t seem to go as well as Lindsay had expected them to in her first Chicago PD episode with the task force, especially when she found out that it’s likely that their C.I. might never see the money she had been promised. She’s clashing with Lang already, and that’s likely going to keep happening.

Also coming up on Chicago PD is another major crossover with Chicago Fire, and as the Inquisitr previously reported, characters from these two shows – and Law & Order: SVU – have crossed paths, even before this season. The next crossover event begins February 3, as the two shows unite to track down the arsonist (played by Robert Knepper) who is responsible for Shay’s death. However, as you can see in the preview video below, he’s also going to be targeting someone else from Fire. It also raises a question about Lindsay: is she back with the team for good or just working with them on this case?

Chicago PD season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

[Image via NBC]