Kentucky School Teacher Caught Dragging Six-Year-Old Along School Floor Is Fired And Re-Hired Again

Controversy has erupted after a security camera video caught a Kentucky school teacher dragging one of her students across the school floor. According to CNN, the incident dates back to October 29, 2014. The teacher, who is seen in the video dragging the student along the floor, has been identified as Ashley Silas. Incredibly, Silas, who was fired by the Brooks Elementary School, Bullitt County for her conduct, has now been re-hired by the same school, to the amazement of the parents of the six-year-old child. According to a report by WAVE 3 News, the teacher was re-hired after a review panel overturned the school’s decision to fire Ashley.

In the video, Ashley Silas is seen dragging the six-year-old student, a first-grader, along the floor of the school, even as she passes fellow students and teachers. Ashley is seen holding the student using one hand while her other hand seems to hold a cellphone. The child’s ordeal ended once Ashley reaches her office room. Investigators who have seen the footage estimate that the six-year-old was dragged for over 160 feet along the school’s hallway.

“She stops, and gets a better grip and then pulls him more. I get a sick feeling in my stomach whenever I watch the footage,” said the students father who has requested anonymity

In her defense, Silas has told that she was left with no alternative other than to drag the six year-old along, as his behavior had become disruptive. She claims that the child was threatening other students in her class and refused to walk on his own. She also told a three-member review board that the child was in fact enjoying the sliding through the hallway as he had become the center of attraction – a claim that the six-year-old now refutes. When asked by a WAVE 3 reporter, the child said that he certainly did not enjoy being dragged along.

The parents also refute Ashley’s claim and clarified that the boy had been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and that he cannot take medication for the same owing to their side effects. The fact that the child was suffering from ADHD was reportedly conveyed to school authorities, claims the student’s parents.


While Ashley was almost immediately fired by school authorities, she was back to the school after a tribunal she appealed to overturned the school’s decision. Instead of firing her, Ashley’s punishment was curtailed to a seven-week suspension, without pay, for conduct unbecoming a teacher.

New trouble however awaits Ashley after the Bullitt County prosecutor’s office has recommended a fourth-degree assault charge against her. Officials from the Brooks Elementary School have confirmed that they do not wish to hire Ashley again – but had no option but to adhere to the directive of the tribunal that Ashley had appealed to.

Do you think the teacher deserves to be fired especially considering the fact that previous cases of such behavior by teachers too have been dealt with accordingly?

[Image Via WAVE 3 News]