Aaron Murray Breaks Off Engagement Two Weeks After ‘Bachelorette’ Stars Josh and Andi Break Up

Kansas City Chiefs QB Aaron Murray is no longer engaged, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Josh Murray, who recently split with Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman. Apparently the Murray family does everything together, including engagements and subsequent breakups.

Aaron and his long-time girlfriend, Kacie McDonnell, got engaged in October and shared the big news with friends and family on Instagram. On Tuesday, Kacie told Philly.com that the “engagement is off” and she wishes the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback “the best.” McDonnell reportedly left her job as a traffic reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia in October and moved to Kansas City to live with Murray. She states that she is not leaving her new job with 41 Action News in Kansas City, she’s just parting ways with Aaron.

“I’m really committed to being a part of this community for the time being. The engagement is off. I wish him the best, it’s best to part ways. I’m moving on with my life.”

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When Aaron and Kacie McDonnell got engaged in October they celebrated their new engagement with friends and family — well, everyone except Andi and Josh, who did not attend the party or mention the big news on social media. It was rumored that Andi felt upstaged by Josh’s brother’s engagement and the couple continued to stay silent about Aaron’s engagement.

Aaron and Kacie’s breakup comes just two weeks after Andi and Josh announced that they were calling off their engagement. Appearing on the red carpet as an engaged couple at the Bachelor premiere on January 5, many fans were stunned to find out that the couple split just days later.

Aaron and Josh’s mother, Lauren, has actively posted about both of her son’s engagements on her Facebook page for many months. In December, she posted photos of the both couples enjoying time together during the holidays. On December 27, Lauren posted wedding updates about both of her sons, strangely posting “no update” about Josh and Andi and a separate post that revealed Aaron and Kacie’s wedding date, April 2, 2016. Aaron Murray breakup After Josh and Andi broke up, Lauren Murray shared the news with her Facebook friends, but she has yet to make the same announcement about Aaron and Kacie.

“Yes it’s true, Andi & Josh have chosen to break off their engagement. Although there was no one thing that precipitated their decision, they were thoughtful & wise in their decision and I’m happy they figured this out before getting married & having kids… Thank you for your love and messages. I’m overwhelmed & humbled by your words.”

ESPN reports Aaron Murray joined the Kansas City Chiefs in May as a fifth-round draft pick. He has yet to comment on his broken engagement on social media, but it looks like the newly-single Murray brothers have been spending time with their family in Tampa.

Were you surprised to hear that both Aaron Murray and his brother, Josh, both ended their engagements this month?

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