Ryan Gosling Stalker Missing? Judge Dismisses Case Due To Absence

Actor Ryan Gosling may have to keep watching his back, because his alleged stalker did not show up in court as scheduled Tuesday morning.

TMZ reports that the Oscar-nominated actor requested protection from Grace Marie Del Villar through a restraining order, but her absence in court led to a dismissal of the case.

According to the report, Gosling’s lawyers admitted in court that they were simply not able to find Villar at all. Even though Ryan obtained a restraining order against her last year, that order has since expired.

If Villar would have shown up in court today, Gosling likely would have been able to get three-year extension on his expired restraining order. However, the New York City resident has apparently been able to stay far underneath Gosling’s radar.

Unless the alleged stalker can be located and served, a new (or extended) restraining order cannot be granted — which is why the judge had to dismiss the case.

Grace Marie Del Villar made headlines last year as an alleged Ryan Gosling stalker by showing up at the actor’s home in the middle of the night. Villar has also been accused of sending Gosling unwanted packages and harassing emails.

One of the unwanted packages, according to TMZ, was a torn-out page of a magazine featuring Eva Mendes. Stapled to that page was allegedly a copy of Villar’s contact information.

The report also claims that Gosling’s sister had her e-mail inbox flooded with messages from Villar stating “I am kicking your brother’s head.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gosling filed the initial restraining order against Villar in November.

The last straw that made Gosling reach his breaking point reportedly occurred just a few days before Halloween last year.

His alleged stalker traveled cross-country (from New York City to Los Angeles) to visit Gosling’s family home. When she approached the security gate, Villar allegedly rang the bell and said that she was “Ryan’s twin.” Even though she was obviously not allowed to enter the property, the report claims that she left a doll catalog at the security gate.

The initial restraining order required Grace to stay at least 100 yards away from Ryan Gosling as well as Eva Mendes and their daughter, Esmeralda. TMZ confirmed that Ryan’s sister also obtained a restraining order against Villar as well.

Inside sources reportedly told TMZ that Gosling and his legal team will be ready to pick up where they left off as soon as Grace Marie Del Villar makes her way back to Los Angeles.

For now, however, there is nothing that Ryan Gosling can do since Villar has not been found yet.

[Image Credit: Mashable]