‘Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Exo-Zombies Gameplay Video, Or Why John Malkovich Hates Atlas

Activision and Sledgehammer Games released the first trailer dedicated to the new Exo Zombies mode as part of the Havoc DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Tuesday. PlayStation, Xbox, and PC fans should prepare for the full power of Hollywood actors spouting one-liners as they battle human zombies wearing exoskeletons and dog zombies in search of a new way to bite.

In Exo Zombies, John Malkovich plays the maintenance man, Oz. Rose McGowan is the I.T. specialist, Lilith. Jon Bernthal is the security guard, Decker. Finally, Bill Paxton stars as the executive, Mr. Caan. The setup for the new zombies mode is a spoiler to the Advanced Warfare campaign, so be aware if you care about that in this instance.

Regardless, the basic setup is that a bioweapon is turning people at an Atlas facility into zombies. Many of these zombies are wearing Exo Suits, which make them faster, stronger, and able to jump higher than ever before. The team of four players will get to use weapons and other goodies to survive. The official Call of Duty Twitter feed also spent some time teasing the release of Exo Zombies with security transmissions.

The Havoc DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be released on January 27 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PlayStation consoles and the PC will receive it approximately one month later. The DLC comes with four new multiplayer maps, the Exo Zombies mode, and a new weapon as detailed here.

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[Images via Call of Duty]