‘Celebrity Apprentice’ 2015 Spoilers: Tasks 8 And 9 Bring Booze And Drama

Things are moving right along on the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice, and fans saw quite a bit of drama in Monday night’s episode. What can they expect in the next episode airing on January 26? There are some Celebrity Apprentice spoilers available for this one, and fans can’t wait to tune in and see it all play out.

According to On the Flix, the next episode is titled “It’s Like a Booze Cruise with Knowledge.” In the first part of the episode, the teams will be faced with planning and hosting an original boat tour of the city. The guests of the tours will be choosing the winning team, and it sounds as if at least one team will be trying to ply their guests with some drinks.

Celebrity Apprentice spoilers tease that one project manager will be working to protect herself from two of her teammates. On the other side, a project manager will take a big risk with the theme of the task, but will it backfire? It’s clear from the preview that the team with Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore puts a heavy emphasis on the booze, and it might just work for them.

In the other task, teams will be challenged to transform a platform stage into a 3-D environment that showcases resort amenities. Celebrity Apprentice spoilers for this second task indicate that the focus will be on the Trump National Doral Miami Resort and the boardroom will get vicious. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are the advisors for both tasks, it seems.

Who will be fired in this next episode? The sleuthers at the Survivor Sucks forum have nailed all of the eliminations so far, and they think they know which two celebrities will depart next. Their Celebrity Apprentice spoilers would indicate that Sig Hansen takes on the project manager role for his team in the first task of the episode, but it seems he may go down with the ship.

Sig is seemingly the one who takes a big risk, and many fans would say that a task revolving around a boat and water should be right up his alley. However, the Celebrity Apprentice spoiler preview shows that he’s losing his temper, and it sounds as if it will bite him in the boardroom. It seems that he will be the next one fired.

When it comes to the resort task, Celebrity Apprentice spoilers seemingly indicate that the teams are shifted again slightly after Sig is fired, putting Kenya Moore on the team with Vivica A. Fox, Kate Gosselin, and Geraldo Rivera. That splits Real Housewives stars Kenya and Brandi Glanville, a duo that has been generating a lot of drama this season.

Will the new team be revitalized and pick up a win? It would seem that isn’t the case. It sounds as if Kate, Geraldo, Kenya, and Vivica head back to the boardroom and Gosselin is fired. Many would imagine this could be an interesting boardroom to watch.

The finale is not far away, as this season is moving quickly with the double episodes each week. So far, things are on-track for the early Celebrity Apprentice spoilers to prove to be correct, and fans are curious to see which person Trump deems this season’s winner. Tune in to Celebrity Apprentice airing Monday nights to see just what comes next.

[Image via Zimbio]