Josh Murray Returns To Atlanta After Andi Dorfman Breakup: Will They Reunite?

Bachelorette star Josh Murray was completely heartbroken when his relationship to Andi Dorfman came to a sudden end a few weeks ago. Just prior to their split, both Josh and Andi were spotted on the red carpet, talking about how they were planning their wedding and enjoying life after finding love on the show. But just 72 hours later, reports surfaced that they had split, and Josh was completely heartbroken.

At the time, Josh decided to share some thoughts via Instagram, where he revealed that he was asking for guidance. But he quickly deleted the posts again, because they had not released a statement saying that they had ended their relationship. But shortly after the news, Murray revealed that he was heading out of town with his mother to nurse his broken heart.

According to a new tweet, Bachelorette star Josh Murray has been rather silent while on a vacation with his mother in Tampa. Now, a week later, Murray revealed that he is heading back home to Atlanta.

“Off to ATL, hoping to come back to some better weather this time…,” Josh Murray revealed as he was heading back home to the city that he shares with Dorfman.

It is uncertain whether Andi left the city to deal with her broken heart. It is possible that she hung out with Nikki Ferrell, her best from Juan Pablo’s season of the show. The two have become great friends and, since Nikki is also newly single, it is definitely possible that these two bonded over their situations. As for Josh Murray, he appears to be healing.

“I’m feeling so incredibly blessed this morning, God is Great!! #HappyHappyHappy,” Josh tweeted just a few days ago as he returned to social media after the public breakup.

Josh and Andi have said that the breakup was mutual and that there are no hard feelings, but given how heartbroken Murray appeared on social media, it could hint that Dorfman was the one who initiated the end of the relationship. She has yet to express how sad she is that her engagement has come to an end.

According to the Inquisitr, there were rumors that Murray had been single for a while as they supposedly ended their relationship prior to attending the Bachelor premiere. It is believed that they broke up over jealousy accusations. Nothing has been confirmed, but Josh appears to be moving on.

No word on whether he will meet with his former girlfriend once he returns. Since they are so secretive about their relationship, it is possible that they have been keeping in touch since their breakup.

Do you think Josh Murray will meet up with Andi once he returns home?

[Image via Twitter]