Kim Kardashian To Publish A Book Called ‘Selfish’ About Her Selfies

Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities who have become famous for doing nothing at all. But it isn’t due to a lack of trying. Kim has tried acting, she has tried singing, and she has modeled extensively. But it appears that Kardashian gets money from showing off her body. In fact, Kim has become super popular with her fans due to her increased number of selfies that hit the internet on a weekly basis. And this is how the selfish label has been linked to Kim.

Kardashian is often known as a very selfish person and she is proving this by publishing a book called Selfish. This morning, Kardashian revealed that she will publish this book in May and it will be all about herself. And not so surprisingly, it is her husband Kanye West who is behind the book project.

According to a new tweet, Kim shared the cover of her upcoming book on the social media network this morning. She has chosen a selfie for the book that shows more cleavage than anything else. She is wearing a less-than-flattering nude sports bra that is literally pushing her breasts together. But maybe this cover is meant to show that selfies are not professional photographs.

“Thank you Rizzoli for making this happen & being the best partner!!!” Kim Kardashian tweeted this morning during the announcement, adding, “TY 2the Donda team & Kanye 4inspiring this idea &helping 2design this book so I can share a decade of selfies in an intimate & artistic way.”

Since Donda is the name of Kanye’s decreased mother, it appears that Kanye West’s team is making this book happen. But as Kim mentions, this isn’t about publishing a book packed with her own selfies. This is a book that is supposed to highlight her pictures in an intimate and artistic way. It is unknown how she plans on doing this, but she also points out that the book will contain selfies from an entire decade. Maybe Kim wants people to think that she invented the selfie.

People close to Kim Kardashian may not be surprised at this move. According to the Inquisitr, Kim has been labeled as a selfish person by friends and family, as she is supposedly ditching them for Kanye.

Another example of her desire for attention can be seen when she heads out in daring clothing. This week, Kim was spotted wearing Prada while going out for dinner, showing off her half-naked behind.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s new book?

[Image via Twitter]