New Charges For Mirsad Hamidovic, Horrific Confession About Two-Year-Old Baby’s Death [Warning: Disturbing Content]

New criminal charges were filed against Mirsad Hamidovic in the tragic death of two-year-old Lorenzo Estrada. Mirsad Hamidovic allegedly confessed to jumping on the baby to police. He was staying with the boy while Estrada’s mother was at work. The toddler died January 10, and his death is being called the first homicide in Kansas City in 2015.

Now, new charges have been filed against 23-year-old Mirsad Hamidovi, according to KMBC News. The Jackson County Prosecutor charged Mirsad Hamidovic with second degree murder in addition to felony child abuse, and bail was set at $500,000.

In a chaotic recollection of events leading to the boy’s death, Mirsad Hamidovic allegedly recalled jumping on the baby’s chest, injuring the boy’s head on the corner of a speaker box, shaking the boy violently after he went limp, and wiping blood from the baby’s mouth after he began spitting up blood. Inquisitr covered some of the horrific details of the story just after it occurred, though Hamidovic says he was simply rough-housing with the child.

Mirsad Hamidovic’s, by his own account, stated that the impact while jumping onto the toddler may have knocked the baby’s head into a window sill. The toddler’s liver was reportedly torn, and he suffered brain injuries as well as other internal injuries, according to the Daily Mail. The confession made to the police is absent on many media reports, but was covered by News 10, which quotes court documents.

“Hamidovic said he played a game called ‘dive, dive, dive,’ during which the victim was laying on his back on the bed. Hamidovic would cross his arms over his chest and land, chest to chest, on the victim. Hamidovic said he did so twice. Hamidovic said he delayed getting help because he had warrants for his arrest.”

A resident who lived nearby tried to save the baby after Hamidovic ran into the hallway and searched for help. Gena Gutierrez performed CPR on Lorenzo.

“The baby was stone cold, turning blue. I put him on the ground and he wasn’t breathing, so I started breathing into him,” Gena said, adding that she is still haunted by the imagery of that day.

Gena said that Hamidovic banged on her door and asked for help. She said that the baby was soaking wet. She told the news that she assumed the boy had drowned, but that Hamidovic said he put him in water to try to wake him up, according to KMBC News. After the baby’s funeral, Gena tried to offer a sliver of comfort to the family.

“The baby was never alone. The baby wasn’t left alone after that initial knock at my door.”

“The whole family grieves for this child. He always smiled and he always, he was fast. There was no first gear, everything was fifth gear,” Frank Estrada, the boy’s great grandfather said, according to Fox 4 News.

According to several reports, it is still unclear what the relationship was between Mirsad Hamidovic and the deceased boy’s mother. A report from Bosnia Today, though, said that they had been dating. Mirsad Hamidovic has three biological children of his own.