‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Shocks Moms With Guest Soloist

Dance Moms is back with a new episode Tuesday night and viewers will get an in-depth look at a dancer who seemingly will be sticking around for a bit with the dance company. JoJo Siwa will be a prominent figure in this Season 5, Episode 3 show and fans are anxious for some detailed Dance Moms spoilers for this one.

The January 20 episode is titled “JoJo With a Bow Bow.” Maddie Ziegler is in Los Angeles this week to perform with Sia, and it seems clear that some of the Dance Moms stars think that this will be an opportunity for Abby Lee Miller to let some of the other dancers, say Nia, shine. Instead, everybody is in for a surprise.

Rather than give a solo to Nia, Miller brings in JoJo from her other show, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. A Dance Moms spoiler preview from the show’s Facebook page shows that the arrival of JoJo and her mom definitely give the other moms and dancers some anxiety.

Another Facebook preview shows Maddie calling Abby to check in and see how things are going. It would seem that Miller has criticism for everybody in the room and it is definitely a harsh call. At the same time, the moms and dancers have some frustrations regarding Abby this week as well. She seems to be focused on everything but the next competition and everybody is annoyed.

How do the Abby Lee Dance Company dancers do in this week’s competition? Dance Moms spoilers via the show’s Wikia page indicate that the ALDC group dance, “Something to Believe In,” comes in second place. JoJo’s solo, “Electricity,” comes in third in her division, while Mackenzie Ziegler’s “Boom Boom” takes first in her division and third overall.

Sarah Hunt returns to dance with the ALDC this week as well and Sarah has a solo. Her piece, “One Heart,” takes first as Overall Mini Soloist, but it did not place in the overall standings. Fans of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition show will see another familiar face this week, as Haley Huelsman will be competing against the ALDC.

People are definitely buzzing online about this upcoming episode, questioning Abby’s professionalism. She has no qualms about telling Maddie how horribly the other dancers are doing in rehearsals and many feel that this isn’t a particularly appropriate move. Granted Abby’s favoritism toward Maddie is a common theme on the show and it would seem this episode is no different.

Dance Moms fans are definitely missing Chloe Lukasiak this season, though they are glad to hear she is doing so well away from the ALDC. While there may well be more drama ahead regarding the lawsuits involving the Hylands, it doesn’t sound as if there will be much talk on that front in this next episode.

New episodes of Dance Moms air Tuesday nights on Lifetime.

[Image via JoJo Siwa’s Instagram]